Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato family announced

In an era of SUV building, engine downsizing and belt tightening, you don't have to go far to find petrolheads waxing lyrical about the days when supercar manufacturers produced 'proper' cars which sent a shiver down your spine. Well, Aston Martin seems to be on a mission to return us to that era, because on top of the bonkers Vulcan AMR Pro and the game changing Valkyrie, it has now announced that the Vanquish Zagato Coupe is expecting. Yep, there will soon be an entire family of Zagatos! Since the launch of last year's Coupe and the announcement of a matching Volante, our appetites have been whetted by the sight of a Speedster being tested at the Nurburgring. But today comes news that those models will be joined by a Zagato Shooting Brake. Hard to think of three words that sound better together, isn't it?

Now, while the Speedster is due to be revealed at Pebble Beach, all 28 have of course already been sold. However the Shooting Brake, which has only been seen in render form thus far, is due to enter production in 2018, so there's still a chance to flash your Amex Black and secure one of the 99 build slots. Both new models neatly bookend the Zagato line up; the former being a roofless design offering 'raw excitement' whilst keeping the Zagato design ethos intact by creating a representation of the double-bubble roof through the streamlined cowls flowing back from the seats. On the other hand, the Shooting Brake retains that trademark design feature, with the addition of glass inlays. Both make use of the same 600hp V12 found in the Vanquish.

This is the first time a range of Zagato models has been released in the nearly sixty years since the relationship first began with the DB4 GT Zagato. There are 325 cars are to be built in total, 99 each of the Coupe, Volante and Shooting Brake and 28 Speedsters. We wouldn't blame those with deep enough pockets for putting their names down for one of each.







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Comments (14) Join the discussion on the forum

  • jsc15 16 Aug 2017

    "If you have to ask the price...." etc etc

  • cookie1600 16 Aug 2017

    So who's building these - Envisage CPP or Aston Martin themselves?

  • Gurov 16 Aug 2017

    not sure about the Speedster but the Shooting Brake is going to look amazing I just know it...

  • scottygib553 16 Aug 2017

    Shooting Brake please

  • thegreenhell 16 Aug 2017

    I do like a shooting brake. Bertone did a very nice conversion of a Rapide a couple of years ago.

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