Arden AJ 4 returns!

Despite being based in Germany, Arden remains one of the most prominent Jaguar tuners. Its contemporary work covers the whole range, from F-Pace to F-Type, but now it has returned to one of its greatest hits - the original AJ 4.

Based on the Series III Jaguar XJ, the AJ 4 was released in 1982 with more power, luxury and dynamism. Now the model has been recommissioned, with Arden aiming to build 235 more in addition to the 234 built during the 1980s. Imagine how an XJR might have looked at that time - that flagship not arriving until the XJ40 - and that's what the Arden appears to represent.

There's more power for a start, the legendary V12 tickled to 320hp from the standard 265; the gearbox is tweaked, too, to make the most of that increased potency. Chassis modifications include completely new springs and dampers, lighter forged wheels and wider tyres. There's also a more aggressive bodykit to lend some 80s east-end gangster chic.

Arden says that AJ 4 customers have "almost unlimited" choices inside, with a selection of "noble woods, real carbon, Connolly leather, Alcantara [and] piano lacquer to ensure a suitable ambience." Fabulous. Certainly if a modern and trendy Jag doesn't suit, or JLR Classic's own slightly chintzy take on the 80s for Nicko McBrain, then there should be plenty to enjoy about Arden's effort.

Apparently one of these AJ 4s has already reached a customer, meaning there are still plenty left to be snapped up by discerning XJ aficionados. Presumably buyers will have to supply their own XJ for restoration, and there's no exact word that we can see on cost, but you'd be willing to spend a lot to make this happen - right?

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  • sidesauce 08 Jan 2019

    Ewww. No, just no - especially no to those wheels!

  • dandare 08 Jan 2019

    "bodykit?" It looks like a front spoiler to me.
    Still possibly the best looking saloon car ever made. I love them, and if it saves some from destruction, then good.

  • redhanded 08 Jan 2019

    Fast Jaguar that actually looks like a Jaguar. Erm yes.

  • Greg the Fish 08 Jan 2019

    So is it a Jaguar or a Daimler?

  • Doofus 08 Jan 2019

    Everything gets a tick except the wheels and the £25 Mountney steering wheel

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