Aston Martin Lagonda - Exclusive Pictures

In spite of what might politely be termed the ‘mixed’ reaction to its unusual style, the Lagonda saloon concept revealed at Geneva will not be ‘going gently into that good night’.

Great outdoors? Lagonda in a new light
Great outdoors? Lagonda in a new light
As these exclusive PH pictures show, Aston has placed its new luxury concept in pride of place outside the VIP entrance to its Gaydon HQ. Happily that's the entrance PH gets to use, so we snapped a couple of pictures on a trip to the factory yesterday - our first images of the big Lagonda that show it in an outdoor environment and natural light.

So is it just us, or does the car look suddenly less controversial in the sunshine?

At the Geneva show, it seems that lack of floor space meant the big Lagonda had to be presented in a way that encouraged the use of close-up, wide-angle photography, and the resulting images flashed around the world certainly didn’t flatter the lines. Outside, and with the space to stand back, the Lagonda looks quite a different beast. Dare we say it’s even likeable?

Either way, according to the folks at Aston, work continues to move the car towards production. And contrary to erroneous media reports (repeated here, oops!) there isn’t another Lagonda concept due any time soon.

Apparently Aston continues to talk to Mercedes about a deal to build this car on Merc’s 4x4 GL platform, most likely at a third party establishment as a hoped for volume in the (very) low thousands would overwhelm the paint shop at Gaydon, among other things. Magna-Steyr in Austria could be one suitable production partner, although finding a company with spare capacity to build the new machine shouldn’t be difficult in the current economic climate.

It’s a mistake to view the car as a luxury SUV, in spite of its GL floorpan, as the roofline is exactly the same height as the Rolls-Royce Phantom. It’s not even designed to be good off-road, says Aston, but simply has a raised ride height necessary to cope with often poor road surfaces in those countries it's designed to target - China, South America, Russia and parts of Asia among others.

Although reviving the Lagonda brand seems a worthy venture in its own right, the project is mainly designed to assist Aston Martin become established in these far off places where currently the market for exotic sports machinery is just too small to support dealer operations of the required global brand standard. The hope is that a Lagonda network selling a slightly higher volume luxury saloon car could be self-sufficient, allowing the Aston sportscar range to be offered as icing on the cake.

The Lagonda on display at Aston HQ
The Lagonda on display at Aston HQ

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  • Mr Beaumont 08 Apr 2009

    Still ugly. I can't beleive how much money they must have wasted on designing that.

  • deevlash 08 Apr 2009

    Dr Bez: "get that monstrosity out of my sight!"
    designer chap: "where?"
    Dr Bez: "I dont care, bung it out the front or something, anything so I dont have to look at it right now, hopefully a bird will st on it, that might improve it"

  • Grant3 08 Apr 2009

    Aston design.. " We have done the beautiful stunning design thing & were still outsold by Porsche"

    Aston sales.. "Yeh even the ugly Cayenne outsold the AMV8"

    Aston Design... "Right two can play at that game" biggrin

    That thing is uglier than an ugly thing that has just won the world's ugliest thing competition & then been hit with an ugly stick hurl ........ frankly & ironically it makes the Cayenne look like a design master piece.... but then again it made headlines wink

  • STASH1 08 Apr 2009

    This looks like a radio control 8th scale off road nitro truck.these chelsea tractors are getting more outrageous by the minute

  • 71tuscan 08 Apr 2009

    This thing looks as if it fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch of it on its way down.
    I can't believe that somewhere in this world, there is a person who actually liked the 'design' enough to prototype it.
    Pity it has the Lagonda-tag on it...

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