Aston Martin Vantage: PH Video

No bones about it, the Vantage is the most important Aston Martin in a generation. Yes, the DB11 was critical, but we already knew the firm could produce very fine grand tourers. The Vantage is all about reminding us that it can do sports cars, too - and not just of the bruising, old-fashioned sort, but one with the kind of tip-of-the-spear ability to challenge the buying habits of anyone with a high-spec Porsche 911 on the driveway.

Following multiple pre-production drives of the V8-powered coupe, we were confident that Aston had built such a car. And now, for all the reasons that Matt mentions below having experienced it on both road and track, we're convinced. Enjoy.


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  • Olf 13 Apr 2018

    Excellent. Good video. Nice to see the car in some more reserved colours - looks bloody great. Especially these two shots...

    A real nod to the original V8 coupe in that rear end. Jury still out on the front - I think I need to see it in person so decide whether I like that.

    Edited by Olf on Friday 13th April 06:49

    Edited by Olf on Friday 13th April 06:49

  • unpc 13 Apr 2018

    Yep, subtle colours suit it much better IMO. I for one think it looks fabulous and I'm glad to see that they have differentiated it in both looks and character from its bigger brother. It may not be as classically beautiful as the previous Vantage but it's moved the game on. It's good to see Aston going from strength to strength even if I can't afford one.

  • ReverendCounter 13 Apr 2018

    Olf]Excellent. Good video. said:
    Agreed, looking forward to more.

  • suffolk009 13 Apr 2018

    Sorry to be a bit negative, but I thought it was a very average film. Not a patch on some of the things on offer from people like Catchpole at Carfection.

  • Lancashire Lad 13 Apr 2018

    Well it may be an Aston. but l would you look at the Front end. Thats plain ghastly!

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