Bentley Continental GT V8 now on sale in UK

It feels like itโ€™s been a long time getting to this point. We first drove the new generation W12-powered Continental GT in May of last year. We loved it - although we all knew the V8 model was incoming, even if Bentley wouldnโ€™t confirm it at the time. In March of this year, Crewe finally revealed the lighter, cheaper version, but with the caveat that it wouldnโ€™t be available in the UK straightaway as the manufacturer sought to play catch-up in markets overseas.

Now, at last, the V8 is officially available to order in the UK for the new model year. And thatโ€™s a good thing because a) itโ€™s a five-figure sum more affordable than the range-topping car and b) itโ€™s very likely to be noticeably superior. Not superior in pace or pomp, of course - our affection for the W12 is total - but with 50kg gone from over the front axle, the V8, much like its predecessor, is almost certain to be the better driverโ€™s car.

โ€œLively and engagingโ€ Bentley calls it, and that sounds about right from a car that delivers 550hp and 568lb ft from a 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged engine it shares with the Porsche Panamera. With the V8 abroad you get 3.9 second-to-62mph performance away from the line, alongside the prospect of 198mph V-Max. No less importantly, the unit will disengage four cylinders when youโ€™re not trying so hard - a familiar advantage obviously intended to enhance its reputation as the fuel-sipping GT.

Elsewhere the V8 comes with passive anti-roll bars as standard; if you want the funky (and very effective) active alternative, Bentleyโ€™s Dynamic Ride System is on the cost option list. Expect the modelโ€™s innards to be no less magnificent than the W12 version, although the real fun is to be had with the extensive - Bentley claims seven billion different permutations - amount of personalised ticking that can be done. If youโ€™ve got a free afternoon (or even if you havenโ€™t) the configurator for the new model year can be found here. And if it all gets the better of you, expect delivery in early Q4. Not a moment too soon.

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  • sidesauce 06 Sep 2019

    A truly marvellous car - I really rather like this!

  • Dave Hedgehog 06 Sep 2019

    best looking of the modern era Bentleys by a mile

    will be a good buy in a few years once they have dumped 80% of their value

  • scottydoesntknow 06 Sep 2019

    Absolutely love these.

  • AmosMoses 06 Sep 2019

    Yes please, V8 is more than enough.

  • Nerdherder 06 Sep 2019

    Dave Hedgehog said:
    best looking of the modern era Bentleys by a mile

    will be a good buy in a few years once they have dumped 80% of their value

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