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Caterham launches in-store configurator

Finished playing with the configurator online? Now's the time to do it in a dealership!

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Those that haven't yet had a play on the Caterham configurator really must - not only is it chock full of possibilities to make your perfect Seven, it's intuitive, responsive and tells you to the pound how much money is being spent. Which is often quite a lot. There's not much that could be done to improve it, basically, though that hasn't stopped Caterham trying...

Now the configurator has been upgraded for use in all the Caterham dealerships, ramping up the temptation yet further for silly Seven spending. In conjunction with Renderapp, the configurator has been upgraded to 4K for use on big screens, which customers will control with a tablet.

Caterham says the new configurator leaves "nothing to the imagination", allowing customers to zoom and swivel the car to their heart's content. "Every vehicle and its available options are displayed in perfect accuracy", goes the release; speaking of which, who'd like to guess the total spec permutations available for the current Seven range? Nope, you're completely wrong. It's 58 quadrillion. Or 58,338,005,483,520,000, to be precise. So there's not much danger of yours being the same as someone else's, ever.

Nick Moutafis, co-founder of Renderapp, said: "We look forward to future projects with Caterham, expanding the configurator to make the customer's journey even more enjoyable, memorable and unique. Our goal is to make buying a Caterham as enjoyable as driving a Caterham." That would be an achievement! Until then, content yourself with a video of Chris Hoy using the configurator below, Caterham's attempts at Seven speccing in this story, or the vast array of pre-configured cars already for sale on PH. There are 188 for sale the moment, and winter would surely be the best time to get a good deal...



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