Charles Morgan fights back

The Morgan saga took another twist today when we learned that Charles Morgan was in effect ousted by his own family. Board member Craig Hamilton-Smith told PistonHeads that the decision to remove him from the company was a "board and shareholders" decision. Given that parent company Morgan Technologies is 100 per cent owned by the Morgan family, that means the family agreed Charles should go.

Morgan is fighting back via social media
Morgan is fighting back via social media
Charles is clearly very unhappy about being removed the company his grandfather started in 1910 and told PistonHeads he is appealing the decision. Hamilton-Smith, a garden designer by profession, confirmed to us that legal proceedings are under way and that a hearing is going to be held next Friday.

This all kicked off on Monday when Morgan issued a very short statement declaring that Charles Morgan "is no longer part of the management team or Board of Directors of the company".

In what has turned out to be a PR nightmare for Morgan, Charles instantly responded by retweeting all the messages of support and outrage from Morgan fans to his many followers on the social media website.

Even worse for the company, the tweets of support for Charles seemingly included Morgan employees, who looked to have set up their Twitter account on Tuesday. The first tweet was "the general feel around the factory is we would like @charlesmorganuk back".

Followed by, "We can't believe the company is not being run by a Morgan family member".

Revived 3-Wheeler has been a recent success
Revived 3-Wheeler has been a recent success
The Morgan Motor Company then issued a fuller release saying that it "recognised the management contribution that Charles has made to the family business as Strategy Director" but by then the damage had well and truly been done.

"It's fair to say the story is now out of control," we were told by a PR specialist within the car industry, who didn't want to be named. "Given that he was apparently not consulted about the press release, the company must have known that Charles Morgan would go to the mattresses in the way that he has done, particularly on social media."

According to the@mogemplyees account there was little communication with the people who work at the factory. "The truth is the workforce don't know what is going on with the board" a message said yesterday.

Charles's actress wife Kiera also put the boot in, tweeting this morning via @MorganKiera, "Today is the 10 year anniversary of Peter Morgan's death. I hope he can ['t] see the tears of his grandchildren and the unnecessary pain."

Morgan was undergoing a renaissance under the leadership of Charles Morgan and his replacement as managing director earlier this year, long-time employee Steve Morris, and last year almost tripled profits to £1.5 million after producing 1,122 cars.

Fingers crossed they can find an amicable solution to this and get back on track. Meanwhile for Sniff Petrol's take see here.

Statement from Charles Morgan, issued 18/10/13:
As has been widely reported, I have been asked to leave the Morgan Motor Company by the board. It is a sad decision that I am appealing; I remain a major shareholder in Morgan.

I'm proud to say I leave with the company's annual production volumes double what they were at the start of my tenure, with new export markets such as China opened to the company. Morgan remains a small but successful family firm.

I'd like to be clear that I am not a tycoon but a family man - I inherited a company not wealth - and unexpectedly leaving its employment will be a hardship for myself and my family. Being asked to leave the company that bears my name is also extremely personally distressing. That is made more painful as today marks 10 years since my father, Peter Morgan, died and I feel him in spirit with me in this dispute.

However my primary concern is completely for the company I have spent 30 years helping to build, and specifically for Morgan's employees, who I hold in the highest regard. I want nothing but success for Morgan Motor Company in the future and remain committed to this goal.

I am very grateful for the expressions of support received on twitter and elsewhere, particularly from the employees of Morgan.

I will be making no further statements for the time being.

- Charles Morgan

[Sources: talking to folk, Twitter, Sniff Petrol, Charles Morgan]

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  • Drclarke 18 Oct 2013

    There must be more to this than meets the eye.

    Charles Morgan wouldnt of been ousted by his own family for no good reason.

  • Evo 18 Oct 2013

    And the reason for ousting Charles Morgan was...........

  • Gandahar 18 Oct 2013

    "Hamilton-Smith, a garden designer by profession"

    If this was in court that might be referred to as trying to lead the jury to back one party.

  • jeremyc 18 Oct 2013

    a PR specialist quoted in the article said:
    Given that he was apparently not consulted about the press release, the company must have known that Charles Morgan would go to the mattresses in the way that he has done, particularly on social media.
    Is the term "mattresses" some trendy phrase used within the PR world, or the work of an errant spell checker/autocomplete?


  • JohnT993 18 Oct 2013

    I like the idea that people on the shop floor would be consulted on who is best placed to run a £30m turnover company!

    agree there must be more to this but unlikely the full story will emerge...

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