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Crafting the Bentayga Speed | Time for Tea?

16 working days of craftsmanship condensed into two minutes - watch a Bentayga come to life here

By Dafydd Wood / Wednesday, January 15, 2020

127 hours. No, not the amount of time James Franco spent trapped in that ravine that time, but rather the length it takes Bentley to handcraft a Bentayga Speed. In a new film shot entirely at its Crewe factory, the manufacturer gives an overview of the many detailed steps which go into creating its best-selling model.

Over the course of 16 working days, 10 hours are dedicated to processing the sustainably-sourced wood veneers, while 8 hours are occupied with transforming the hides of up to 14 (!) bulls into the sumptuous leather trim which surrounds them. The 13.4 hours required for 30 people to assemble the 294 components of the car's 635hp W12 engine may seem like a lot, but it's nearly half the time that it takes to sand, seal, paint, lacquer and hand polish the Bentayga's gleaming exterior.

Putting all the pieces together in the right order takes a further 19 hours, before general quality control, testing and sign-off adds a whopping 52.5 hours onto the exercise. In order to capture the process like never before, Bentley employed the use of a racing drone, which was piloted through live production areas via a set of first-person view goggles. The entire thing makes for an interesting, if not exactly hair-raising, watch. Then again, at least no one lost an arm.

[Image: Sim Mainey]




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