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Jaguar E-Type Lightweight: official

Full spec confirmed for the six continuation lightweights with lots of pics (and video now too!)

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Just as it appeared the workings of JLR's Special Operation were becoming understandable, there's a new sub-division: Jaguar Heritage. It will offer warrantied servicing and restoration for classic Jaguar models at a Browns Lane site. Marvellous. But the important need-to-know about Jaguar Heritage now is that it's building the six

Lightweight E-Types


FIA homologated for historic motorsport...

FIA homologated for historic motorsport...

Prior to a Pebble Beach debut, Jaguar has announced full details of the Lightweight's spec. And very exciting they are too. The aluminium-blocked 3,868cc XK straight six can be fitted with carbs or Lucas fuel injection; whichever method is used Jaguar claims power is 'well over 300' of your brake horsepower with torque 'in the region of 280lb ft at 4,500rpm'. In a car that will weigh just a tonne that should be more than sufficient.

The Lightweight boasted such a low mass because of the extensive use of aluminium panels. To comply with FIA classic homologation rules (yes, you will be able to race it), modern aluminium construction methods haven't been used. Instead 21st century technology was used to 'ensure the highest quality and most faithful rendition of the Lightweight E-Type'. The six cars are being built to the spec of the 12th original car as Jaguar had by then added further chassis stiffening.

Aluminium hard top is detachable

Aluminium hard top is detachable

Around 75 per cent of the panels are made at Jaguar's Whitley engineering centre and the aluminium used is 'almost identical in mechanical properties to the original.'

As expected the other elements of the Lightweight's suspension and drivetrain are as close to the 1960s cars as is possible. There's a close ratio four-speed 'box (all synchromesh don't you know)with a Powr-Lok LSD. The brakes are without servo and 12.25-inches (311mm, and when was the last time quarter inches were quoted?) at the front.

The set up is 'according to period racing practice' with double wishbones at the front and Jaguar independent rear suspension. The dampers are uprated over a regular E-Type.

Six colours offered if this doesn't suit

Six colours offered if this doesn't suit

Six colours will be offered for the remaining half a dozen E-Types, with Carmine Red, Opalescent Grey Metallic, Silver Metallic, Opalescent Blue Metallic, British Racing Green and Old English white available. The Connolly leather is to 60s specification and seven colours can be chosen from. The six exceedingly lucky customers will also have the opportunity to purchase a Bremont 'E-Type' watch.

Mike Cross has thoroughly tested Car Zero you see here, the prototype car that will be shown at Pebble Beach but not sold to a customer. By 'thoroughly tested' we assume caned mercilessly and four-wheel drifted around assorted tracks. Of the lightweight he says: "For me, its response to steering, brake and throttle inputs - along with the terrific noise it creates - is what makes it such an engaging machine from the driver's seat." Sounds promising...

Will Jaguar release a price for the Lightweight? You would assume demand would massively outstrip supply regardless of the cost. Maybe one will be announced at Pebble Beach, maybe not. And don't worry, Pic Of The Week is already sorted.

Read the full spec detail here.

And see Jaguar's promo video here.



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