Jaguar extends young driver scheme

You'll know the premise behind those young driver schemes by now: pay a bit of money to get your delightful sprog behind the wheel, have them taught a few key skills and, hopefully, they might enjoy it and be keen to learn when 17 arrives. The manufacturers are probably hoping that the kids really love their particular brand, too...

Jaguar First launched in October 2015, and since then more than 5,000 kids aged between 11 and 17 have discovered what Daddy's life is really like by learning the ropes in an XE. It's perhaps not the most dynamic or aspirational Jag around, though, so Jaguar First has been extended to include a couple of cars that might pique the interest of teenagers a little more.

Now they'll be able to drive four-cylinder F-Types and F-Paces as well, the new dual-control models available at all six Jaguar First driving locations. The exploits of your little darlings can even be filmed for social media purposes if you wish, and parents are encouraged to sit in the back for the F-Pace drives as well. How bad can they be?

With safety of course a primary concern - this is not the Pre-Teen Powerslide Academy - children will be taught the driving basics, followed by junctions, roundabouts, bay and reverse parking. Certain locations also allow for driving "at higher speeds."

The new cars are on the First fleet now, with experience prices starting at £40. Book your special little guy or girl onto a course here, but don't be surprised if they come back begging you to get one of those temptingly cheap secondhand F-Types.

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  • mgbond 27 Feb 2018

    Can't seem to see a link on the thread?

  • Riverside Red 27 Feb 2018

    Do they get a free pipe and slippers goody bag biggrin


  • Plug Life 27 Feb 2018

    PistonHeads said:
    Pre-Teen Powerslide Academy
    Sounds good.

  • Triumph Man 27 Feb 2018

    Do they teach them with a proper gearbox, or is it auto only?

  • aaron_2000 27 Feb 2018

    Triumph Man said:
    Do they teach them with a proper gearbox, or is it auto only?
    Why bother? How many kids will be driving manuals in 5 years.

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