Jaguar I-Pace Laguna Seca lap: Time For Coffee?

Whichever way you cut it, there's a heck of a lot of attention on the Jaguar I-Pace at the moment. Even on PH, the reveal story attracted nearly 250 comments, and the drive comfortably more than 300. People are interested, and want to know more. Perfect time to introduce the Laguna Seca lap, then...

Alright, so the timing is a little out. A less commercial, plainer version of this vid originally appeared Motor Trend's channel as an unlisted upload on August 18th; it was picked up and then the subject of some discussion on PH last month, in fact. But it was only released publically on the channel over the weekend, complete with more than its fair share of Jag endorsement for this HSE First Edition. Get beyond that - the lap begins at 2:00 in the 'full' video - and there's an entirely electric lap of Laguna Seca, so often the location for incredible combustion engined feats, to watch and analyse.

Of course it's quiet, and the sense of relaxation is not helped by Randy Pobst's rather laid back style, though there's decent speed and composure from what we can see here. Certainly there have been cars less at home on track. How long it might last flat out on track is rather a different matter, of course, but maybe we'll discuss that another time...

The time? 1:48.18, placing it on Fastest Laps leaderboard just behind an Evo IX time of 1:47.93 and ahead of a previous generation Focus ST, Mk7 Golf GTI and - it says here - a 997 Carrera S, although 1:50 seems a little slow.

Anyway, the lap is here, it's new and it's different, so it seemed worth sharing. Both versions are below, just in case you want to cut through the blurb and straight into the lap.

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Comments (30) Join the discussion on the forum

  • QuattroDave 11 Sep 2018

    Rather relaxed wheel grip from the driver, casual one handed into the start finish straight! I take it it's incredibly light steering.

    Saw one of these in the metal in Soho a few weeks ago, looks very very good. I would happily own one of these. Having driven electric cars for a few hundred miles now I can see the appeal of the instant torque and the whisper quiet ride (so long as there's still a decent sounding car I can jump into!)

    I was in the market for an i3 to be the frugal runaround when not in my M140i but then I was shown a crazy good ipace lease deal that's hard to ignore!

  • RacerMike 11 Sep 2018

    Yeah, there's a few really crazy deals appearing, especially for business users. I think one of them effectively works out about £450 a month if you're doing 10,000 a year (the deal itself is £300 a month but for only 5,000 miles. The extra mileage would be another £150 on top of the base deal) which considering I worked out that I'd save £150 a month in fuel (even when accounting for the cost of charging) it seems incredible really. £300 a month to drive around in a brand new £60k car!

  • havoc 11 Sep 2018

    Mike - the deal I saw last week had a rather hefty up-front payment before the £300/month, so possibly not as attractive as you make it sound...

    As for the lap - hmm, "£60k, 400bhp quasi-SUV is quicker than £30k, 220bhp last-gen hot-hatches*." Wow, now there's news! rolleyes

    More to the point, why oh why do manufacturers of anything that's not expected to go on-track regularly (so anything less than a hardcore hot-hatch, a hardcore sports car or a full-on supercar) insist on showing-off lap-times?!? Says nothing about how the car will behave in the real world...

    ...where the I-Pace is probably going to be rather effective - good ride, instant torque, plenty of space...

    * The Evo-IX is now well over 10 years old and was under-tyred at launch...and those tyres are now 10y.o. tech so hardly comparable with modern rubber. Same for the 997 re: tyre tech, as it was launched in 2004. Even so that lap-time doesn't seem to make sense...

  • RacerMike 11 Sep 2018

    havoc said:
    Mike - the deal I saw last week had a rather hefty up-front payment before the £300/month, so possibly not as attractive as you make it sound...
    I think I read either on here, or another forum that someone has got that deal though. Sounded like they'd done a decent amount of research, and whilst I know it's not cheap, I'm still surprised the monthly payments can be that low. Seems promising as a lot of Jag stuff isn't traditionally very cheap on finance.

    Ultimately, I guess the lap is a way of showing that it doesn't wilt after 300m, as is the general opinion on most EVs. This does have some relevance in the real world, purely from changing the perceptions of the motoring public. Along with the 'I regularly do 500 miles a day and never need to stop', 'the batteries will only hold 20% of the original charge after a year', 'the national grid won't be able to cope' and 'you're just moving the pollution elsewhere', not being able to cope with fast driving is another EV cliche which is an excuse/misconception that puts people off the idea. Doing a lap like this is a way of saying 'look....the future isn't totally depressing and EVs can actually be fun/comparable to an ICE car'. There's a long way to go, but stuff like this helps to move the perspective away from sandal wearing tech billionaires who live in California.

  • Baldchap 11 Sep 2018

    As a Model X owner I love the fact that other marques are stepping up and pushing the EV marketplace forward.

    I knew when I bought it the likelihood was it'd be a Betamax in not long at all. Hasn't happened yet, but seeing the established manufacturers take electric seriously bodes very well for the future. Just not for me resale value!!!

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