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Limited edition Mini Sidewalk launched

Like the idea of a topless Mini Cooper S flush with kit? Step this way, madam...

By Sam Sheehan / Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Britain’s love affair with the drop-top shows no signs of abating, and nor does the nation’s appetite for all things Mini. So to celebrate/cash in on both affections the company has launched a new, limited-run variant called the Sidewalk Convertible. It builds on the 192hp Cooper S with bespoke features, as well as a raft of standard cabin kit.

In fact, the new model is best thought of as a sort of kitchen sink spec take on Mini's quickest soft-top. Which it needs to be really because it's available to order now from £34,215 - nearly £10k pricier than a top spec Mazda MX-5. For that you get the familiar mating of turbocharged 2.0-litre four-pot with a standard seven-speed Steptronic gearbox, alongside a bespoke Deep Laguna paint job and new 17-inch Scissor Spoke rims.

Inside, the Mini’s interior gains variant-specific trim, including anthracite leather on the heated seats, contrasted by petrol blue and yellow seams. There are also Sidewalk badges and logos on the seats so you definitely don’t forget you’re sat in the priciest three-door Mini, while high-end cabin equipment such as the 8.8-inch central screen, Harmon Kardon Hi-Fi and a head-up display are thrown in as standard. You also get wireless charging, real time traffic navigation and Amazon Alexa functionality, as well as the Comfort Pack, which adds a rear-view camera and parking assistant tech. It's not lacking kit.

Elsewhere the Sidewalk maintains the 7.1 second 0-62mph sprint time and 143mph top speed of the regular auto car, and you'd assume the peppy handling, too. Oh, and the electric folding roof also takes 18 seconds to open or close as normal. Which might lead you to ask why someone would fork out an extra £6,640 over the Cooper S Sport auto to get a Sidewalk. Beats us - although, truth be told, it doesn't take much option box ticking to edge the price of a said Cooper well over £30k. That’s not exactly hindered sales to date.

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