Lotus adds Evora 'Sports Racer' models

Lotus has announced a pair of new models for the Evora range. The new models will take the form of a new trim level called Sports Racer which will be available on both the basic Evora and supercharged Evora S.

Despite its name, the Sports Racer option will essentially be a ‘looks and toys’ package that’ll give the Evora a more luxurious bent and aim it towards customers seeking a premium sportscar. The ‘looks’ side of things will be addressed by a series of cosmetic changes, including a gloss black roof and further gloss black accents smattered liberally around the car’s exterior. Inside, you get the 2+2 seating option and swathes of grey faux suede with red contrast stitching covering the seats, dash and doors. Or if you’re feeling particularly extrovert, you can also spec ‘Premium Sports’ seats, finished in red leather with black piping.  

More toys than 'basic' Evora, but does it need 'em?
More toys than 'basic' Evora, but does it need 'em?
Meanwhile, the toys are taken care of by Lotus essentially throwing the vast majority of the Evora options list at the Sports Racer. So you get the Sports Pack, giving you a switchable sports mode, sports diffuser and cross-drilled brake discs. You also get the Tech Pack, with an upgraded speaker and stereo system that includes a DVD player and touch screen display, tyre pressure monitoring, cruise control and rear parking sensors. And on top of that lot, you get electric power-fold door mirrors and a reversing camera to boot (pun not intended).

Quite a wealth of equipment, then, but it’ll cost you: the 280hp Evora Sports Racer comes in at £57,900, over £5,000 more than the standard car, while the supercharged Evora S Sports Racer with 350hp will set you back £65,900. Question is, will the extra kit make for a better Evora, or does the purer proposition of the basic car make it a better bet?

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  • JuniorJet 20 Dec 2012

    By doing this they are just de-valueing their own cars.

    • starts browsing classifieds*

  • StottyZr 20 Dec 2012

    It makes sense to me. The Sports Racer model seems to be aimed at a different market. The kind that like luxuries and will trade off some performance for a sat nav, which is fair enough. As long as they keep making the focused models I'm happy.

  • Ozzie Osmond 20 Dec 2012

    The fittings present (and the large quantity lacking) in the base cars are very poor.

    By loading these cars properly they do at least become more closely priced with an equivalent Boxster/Cayman - given that the Porsche cars have a low base price but ferociously expensive options.

  • Power2weight 20 Dec 2012

    Too little too late. Just like the Supercharger S model. Secondhand for 25K just about stacks up.

  • paul71a 20 Dec 2012

    In the meantime, the "premium" customers they're trying to aim at still await an "Esprit".

    I've waited so long now, I've got through an Aston and now on my second Ferrari..... and still I wait........

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