Lotus Evora recalled for steering issue

Recalls are almost inevitable in today's automotive industry, what with the massive scale of production and wide range of suppliers involved in making cars. Just ask Toyota or Ford. Or Volkswagen. But with evermore-stringent emissions and safety limits set by global regulators, not even the little guys are immune from the often costly requirement. Lotus has become the latest manufacturer obliged to issue a recall. Specifically, it involves the 2018 Evora, several of which have been found to have an issue with the steering column.

The problem relates to the column's safety during a head-on accident, rather than the steering's effectiveness in normal use. Like all modern cars, the column in the V6-powered Evora is set in such a way that it shouldn't injure the driver if it is impacted during a crash. But it seems that some examples have been fitted with an incorrect cartridge screw, which could cause the column to move in an unpredictable way during an accident. Which is not what you want, obviously.

Recalls to rectify the issue have been issued in the US and Australia for cars built this year between 17th April and 2nd October, and Lotus has told PH that it will follow suit in the UK. We await confirmation on the exact numbers involved, but expect the manufacturer to carry out the regular protocol, i.e. contacting owners individually and replacing the steering columns with the correct parts free of charge. The amount of cars affected ought to be relatively low given that just 113 were sold in Europe last year.

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  • Helicopter123 22 Nov 2018

    I'm sure Lotus will get the handful of cars affected repaired very quickly.

    What are we thinking, 10 at most?

  • otolith 22 Nov 2018

    Wow, this is going to be a very busy forum if PH is going to start posting up every safety related recall for all manufacturers available in the UK.

  • Tripe Bypass 22 Nov 2018

    Is the steering column from a Honda Accord, like the steering rack? Or would that be Lotus' own?

  • Gandahar 22 Nov 2018

    News just in

    Lotus Engineering company recalled for "steering" issues over the last 10 years.

  • cookie1600 22 Nov 2018

    Lots of trouble, unusually, steering......

    * ducks the inevitable*

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