Lotus Reveals 2011 F1 Colours, Signs Alesi

Lotus is continuing its mission to confuse the heck out of everyone, revealing the black and gold livery of its new 2011 F1 campaigner at the Autosport show.

Except that the new JPS-inspired colours were clothing a 2010-spec Renault F1 car (Lotus having bought out the French giant's F1 team late last year), and the livery was revealed in photoshopped form when Group Lotus formally revealed its deal with Renault and investment firm Genii Capital...

If that wasn't odd enough, Lotus has also announced that it has a new star signing in the form of Jean Alesi - but this move has nothing to do with its F1 project. Instead, Alesi will be an 'ambassador' for the Lotus Type 125 and Exos programme - Lotus's F1-inspired super-exclusive hardcore track car project.

Meanwhile another old F1 hand is getting involved with Lotus, but again not in F1 - Nigel Mansell's sons Leo and Greg are campaigning an Evora GT4 in the Dubai 24-hour race.

Lotus has both the Type 125 and the Evora GT4 on display at the Autosport show alongside its 2010 Renault-dressed-as-a-2011-Lotus, as well as its Indycar, GP2 and GP3 racers, making a total of six different Lotus racers (well, five and a track car)...

Confused yet? We are. Thoroughly.


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  • TommyBuoy 14 Jan 2011


    Very stange goings on....still, must be money to be made with track cars (lets hope)

    Edited by TommyBuoy on Friday 14th January 11:26

  • BelperJim 14 Jan 2011

    Also if they win they will play the British national anthem. Which is nice.

  • Howard1650 14 Jan 2011

    Anyone else thinking that in 18 months time Lotus will disappear in a puff of smoke.

  • Riggers 14 Jan 2011

    BelperJim said:
    Also if they win they will play the British national anthem. Which is nice.
    True - playing La Marseillaise always seemed wrong to me for a team based in Enstone...

  • splodge s4 14 Jan 2011

    I can't get over how much Jean Alesi looks like President Sarkozy... Has anyone seen them in the same room? scratchchin



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