McLaren 570GT Black Collection

Will the concept of the black pack ever be consigned to the automotive history books? Presumably the answer is no; blanketing each component of a car with the colour (non-colour?) and proclaiming it to have fundamentally altered its every characteristic is a trend which has been en vogue among manufacturers for far too long, and looks set to remain so for even longer.

The latest car to get the treatment is McLaren's 570GT, a car we're rather familiar with, and very fond of here at PH, and which has now been unveiled in MSO Black Collection form. Limited to 100 cars worldwide, it's said to feature an "all-black, stealth design".

Externally, this means MSO Bespoke Carbon Black paint, the MSO Defined Black Pack, MSO Nano Black exhaust tips and Gloss Black wheels with black brake calipers.

Inside, meanwhile, owners get a plaque - identifying that they are one of just a select few people worldwide to drive a black car - MSO Black Collection trim featuring Carbon Black Alcantara accents, a Carbon Black Alcantara steering wheel, and an MSO Defined key, also in Carbon Black. For £4,750 they can add the MSO Defined Electrochromic Panoramic Roof as well, allowing them to select from five different degrees of tint using 'smart glass' technology.

Performance-wise the Black Collection comes with McLaren's dynamic handling Sport Pack and carbon ceramic discs included in its £179,950 list price, as well as an MSO Defined titanium sports exhaust which is five decibels louder than standard - stealthy, see.

Regardless of colour, a 570GT specced thusly should make for a fantastic driving experience, all McLaren's do these days, though we found the GT's softer edge was better left unsharpened during the time spent with our long-termer.

If all that isn't enough for you, the Black Collection also includes the GT Upgrade Pack comprising the nose lift, reversing camera, power adjust steering column and 12-speaker Bowers & Wilkins audio system.

Should you wish to own a black 570GT, but not find yourself amongst those lucky hundred, the car can still be independently specced with many of the above options, Abyss Black paint, 'stealth' wheels and calipers, MSO's Defined Black Pack and a black tipped exhaust for a similar result. So there we go. Next.




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  • GroundEffect 15 Mar 2018

    The 570GT is my favourite super sports car at the moment. And it's not COMPLETELY out of reach.

    (who am I kidding, yes it is).

  • Gameface 15 Mar 2018


  • GranCab 15 Mar 2018

    What next ?

    The 7th Anniversary Edition ?

    Have they just set on someone from the Marketing Department at Lotus ?

  • Brainpox 15 Mar 2018

    If I had £180k to spend on a supercar, getting one identical to 99 others out there would be bottom of my list.

    Who actually wants one of these?

  • tosh.brice 15 Mar 2018

    Pity it doesn't have all-black wheels. I don't understand the appeal of the diamond cut look.

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