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McLaren 600LT Spider | PH Video

We took the 600LT Spider to the beach. We very nearly didn't come back...

By PH Staff / Monday, June 24, 2019

We first drove the 600LT Spider earlier this year, in the States. Matt B thought it was "utterly, utterly fabulous". Prior to that, Dan P considered the coupe version probably the best new car he drove in 2018. Since then, the rest of us have driven the quickest version yet of McLaren's pocket supercar - and we're inclined to agree. Its demerits are made to seem like trifling concerns against a superlative backdrop. Make no mistake, this is one of the best cars you can buy anywhere in the world right now.

So overt and palpable is its ability, that it raises the obvious question: is the 600LT Spider the best car that McLaren currently makes? And if it is, how high is it in the shortlist of the best cars McLaren has ever made? Don't expect a conclusive answer in the next 9 minutes - these are the sort of hypotheticals that last a life cycle, and beyond - but let both questions percolate as you join Dan on England's south coast. Because, if nothing else, days at the seaside don't get any better than this.

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