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McLaren P1: sold out

Nordschleife lap goal achieved or not the P1 has hit its sales target and orders are now closed

By Dan Trent / Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Still deliberating over whether your hybrid hypercar will come with a Ferrari, McLaren or Porsche badge on it? If you haven't acted already it looks like your choice will be restricted to the latter, McLaren confirming today that all 375 P1s have been sold. If you want one on your driveway you'll now have to join a waiting list in case anyone drops out.

Back in May McLaren's sales and marketing director Greg Levine told us in confident mood that "Porsche doesn't have a chance of selling 918 units" of its contender in the three-way electric-assisted power war and that "if the P1 was in a class of one we'd still only build 375 because you need the exclusivity."

Realistically it's that which will matter more to owners than speculation about lap times around German circuits or any other spec sheet statistic, the real arbiter of success in this realm being the perceived value of that rarity. Ferrari apparently sold all 499 LaFerraris before the covers even came off while Porsche has gone for - in this context - relatively high volume with its 918. Who wins this battle will be something we can only judge a few years down the line but the sub-100 production run of the F1 has certainly served McLaren well as values continue to soar, evidenced by the $8.47m paid for one at the Gooding & Co sale at Pebble Beach in August. Whether 375 proves to be relatively greedy in comparison will remain to be seen but there'll be satisfaction in Woking to know all the cars they'll build have got homes.



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