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MG ZT '400': Reader's Car of the Week

So what's a supercharged, V8 ZT actually like to live with? This PHer has nearly a decade of experience!

By Matt Bird / Saturday, March 09, 2019

While a rather odd creation, foisting a V8 engine upon the ZT saloon created something of a cult hero in the dying years of MG Rover. It was a charismatic, entertaining and slightly naughty muscle car, the kind of which we hadn't seen, really, since the SD1 of decades before.

In fact, perhaps the biggest issue with the ZT V8 was simply that it wasn't actually all that punchy. A standard 260hp meant a fairly puny specific output from 4.6 litres, and performance that was brisk more than bruising. In many cases, including for the ZT of this PHer, that meant taking the supercharged route.

'Stevemiller' has a long history of British cars, having had both a 75 and another ZT prior to this one. Having owned it since 2008, and with it sent off to be supercharged in 2009, he has many years of experience (and fun as well, it would seem) with a ZT that could now go as well as it sounded.

That experience has included what looks like a memorable North Coast 500 trip, and precious little to report in terms of reliability issues; combine that with Steve's fondness for British cars and it seems like this will remain a permanent fixture in his garage. Certainly there's not going to be anything like the ZT V8 again! We hope you continue to enjoy the car, and congratulations on a cool purchase.

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