Mini Cooper S gets DCT 'box

What do you need to know about the 2018 Mini? Not much. As refreshes go, this one is as trifling as a hummingbird's hoof print. The most consequential item added to a carried-over lineup is the option of a new seven-speed dual-shift automatic. This is of middling interest as it's available with the Cooper S - which, when previously selected in automatic format, was roughly as inspiring as unpainted papermache thanks to the mismatched transmission.

We'd still recommend you take the standard six-speed manual gearbox of course, but there's a decent chance that the Steptronic (which now includes paddle shifters) will do a better job of harnessing the model's 192hp than its torque converting predecessor. It won't be the most noticeable alteration though, that dubious honour goes to the union flag motif which has been incorporated into the taillights. Which is either a neat way of showing off the Mini's now standard all-round LED lights or a cringeworthy styling slip-up. Rather depends, that one.

Much of everything else is going on inside. News that the 6.5-inch infotainment screen, USB and Bluetooth (and the multi-function steering wheel) are now all standard should be welcomed given Mini's previous stinginess in this area. Ditto the mild power increase for the entry-level Mini One. You can also have adaptive Matrix headlights if you wish - an option BMW claims as the first in the supermini segment.

Otherwise there's the usual assault on individualisation, with new body finishes, alloy wheel designs, leather trim, backlit surfaces and colour lines being made available. Also, you can have the Mini logo beamed onto the ground by the mirror on the driver's side. (Well, we warned you.)





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Comments (99) Join the discussion on the forum

  • V8 FOU 10 Jan 2018

    No. Just No.

    DCT is acceptable, but those rear lights?

  • Snubs 10 Jan 2018

    V8 FOU said:
    DCT is acceptable, but those rear lights?
    Indeed. I really like the first of the new MINIs i.e. the R50 / R53 era cars. But the design has got relentlessly uglier and more cartoonish with every subsequent iteration. They're just gopping now.

  • 99dndd 10 Jan 2018

    I like those lights.

    Never been much of a new Mini fan though, not mini enough for my liking.

  • xjay1337 10 Jan 2018

    Whoever signed off on those rear lights needs shooting.

  • Hammy98 10 Jan 2018

    Those lights are horrendous, but you did used to see a few minis about with various British-associated tat stuck on.

    Surely would be a better idea to have the lights as an option?

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