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Morgan Plus Six configurator goes live

Exhausted the Caterham configurator already? Morgan has the answer...

By Sam Sheehan / Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Morgan has launched the online configurator for its all-new Plus Six, which just happens to be the first car its team designed digitally from the ground-up. The configurator allows you to customise all the usual features such as exterior paint colour, wheel design and interior leather colour. But there are also extensive options for material texture, carpet colour and dashboard finish, as well as a choiceof colour for the interior stitching and pattern, seat and hood piping and wing beading. Oh, and you can customise the hood, too.

In short, there’s more than enough personalisation on offer for Morgan’s aluminium-based roadster to steal your Wednesday afternoon – and maybe a few sneaky minutes of homework before bedtime. But for those not able to give away all hours of the day, Morgan has helpfully created a series of ‘Inspiration’ packages to provide a head start on the finish. Better still, you can download your completed Morgan in PDF format to print and show off to your friends/other half/kids – and then stick proudly and permanently on the fridge.

While Morgan has (believe it or not) been online for many years, this latest digital development is representative of the big technical leap made in the last few months. The Plus Six was created using computer aided design, enabling engineers to substantially improve on the chassis’s structural rigidity, safety and underlying performance. The firm will be hoping this slick, rotatable online configurator will help buyers create a personal design of higher quality than was possible with the old ‘dream and sketch’ approach of yesteryear. At the very least, it helps makes the Plus Six’s broad, retro lines even easier to fall for.

“We’re immensely proud to bring you our most advanced configurator yet,” said Michael Smith, the lead digital designer at Morgan. “It’s the culmination of months of development work, bringing together teams across the business and externally. A highlight for me was working with the CAD engineers and designers to repurpose their work on the Plus Six. What’s been created is an extremely modern tool anyone can use at home or in a Morgan Dealership.”

Those fortunate enough to be able to progress their work from the computer screen to the order book will be on course to receive a Plus Six later in 2020, with around 850 cars produced by hand in Malvern per year. Morgan’s two-seater is powered by BMW’s excellent B58 turbocharged straight-six, producing 335hp and driving through an eight-speed auto to create an unrivalled meld of modern performance and traditional characteristics. As you’ll note if you use the configurator, prices for each car will vary drastically thanks to the options. But keep things basic and you’d only have to spend £78k. Good luck!

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