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Mountune launches m400X map for Focus RS

Tuner boosts Ford's all-wheel drive super hatch with enhanced 400hp map and adjustable engine modes

By Sam Sheehan / Monday, February 04, 2019

Mountune has created its most aggressive map for the Ford Focus RS yet, extracting 400hp and 413lb ft from the 2.3-litre motor as well as making it more responsive throughout the rev range than before. The new m400X map can work with the car's standard turbocharger - although Mountune does recommend an upgrade in order to further performance - and improves on the old m400 map with more accessible peak outputs.

On the graph, that's illustrated with power and torque curves that stay higher for longer, providing the four-cylinder motor with more mid range punch than before. The m400X is the top of two new settings, with new m400R software providing slightly less aggressive mid-range performance but identical peaks. Both maps come with the same selection of hardware as the m400, including a freer breathing intake and exhaust system with a sports cat.

Other changes to the 400 software allow owners to return their RS to the OEM map or switch to power-reducing fuel save and valet maps. The engine can also be switched into a mode optimised for dyno runs or even set to an anti-theft setting. Plugging an mTune handset into the car's port also grants access to rev limit, launch control and full throttle shift functions, if you're the sort who prefers to keep your right foot pinned into the carpet.

Mountune's 400 maps don't come with a Ford warranty like its less aggressive ones, obviously, but the company does provide a parts warranty on all that new kit. Prices for the upgrades start at £595, but those who already have an m400 map can upgrade for free, while those with an mTune handset can get their cars upgraded for a reduced fee. So, Focus RS owners: are you tempted?

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