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New Cullinan scale model takes 450hrs to make

Over half the time it takes to build an actual Rolls-Royce Cullinan

By Sam Sheehan / Thursday, May 21, 2020

With time on its hands, Rolls-Royce has launched a 1:8 scale model of its Cullinan that's so realistic the specification can be matched entirely to a real car. That means owners of the full-size £250k SUV can have scaled-down version on their coffee table, in a near-metre-long glass case - although you'll have to supply your own white-gloved butler.

So accurate is the hand-made model to the real, 2.7-tonne Cullinan that each is made of 1,000 individual components, with assembly taking 450 hours, over half the time needed to build Rolls' full-size, V12-powered car. Not only that, each model is hand-painted either in the 40,000 shades offered as standard, or to a custom colour to match an owners' car.

The paint's then hand-polished as if it were attached to panels of the real thing, and the coachline is applied using a fine brush - also using the same handiwork as the proper Cullinan. As if that weren't enough, the interior is fitted and finished in exacting specification, while the exterior lights are fully functioning and operated by a RR-branded remote control. The bonnet also lifts to reveal a scaled-down version of the 6.75-litre engine.

The mini Cullinan's display case features a perspex window that can be removed so curious and/or jealous guests can ogle the minute detail of the creation, something company CEO, Torsten Müller-Ötvös, likes to reiterate: "it is not just about the big things: we seek and achieve greatness in everything we do, down to the smallest item and minutest detail".

Still, it's probably no coincidence that Rolls' new model is based on its hottest-selling model yet. The SUV drove a 25 per cent increase on brand sales last year, with total deliveries up to 5,152, more than 1,000 higher than it achieved in 2018. Like the rest of us, Cullinan owners won't have been very far in the last couple of months so it's arguably the perfect time to give them something to roll around the carpet. Or else drum up some new business. Doubtless either is welcome at Goodwood, currently running a single shift at 50 per capacity...

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