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New Lister Storm previewed as hyper EV

New rendering - and some fairly unambiguous captioning - points the way for future halo model

By Sam Sheehan / Monday, February 10, 2020

Lister has reiterated its ambitions to produce a future hypercar, one to inherit the long-dead 'Storm' moniker. In a new rendering released on social media over the weekend, the new model is (again) revealed with a very aggressive design, adding a profile to the existing front three-quarter image from 2018. While the 'EV super car research' wording beneath the image suggest it's still early days for the project, it is additional confirmation that Lister boss Lawrence Whittaker wants to head his line-up of reworked Jags with an in-house halo.

Early speculation suggested Lister's Storm II would use a Jaguar-based V12, in the spirit of the original Storm's 546hp 7.0-litre motor. But unless the letters 'EV' stand for 'Evolutionary Vehicle' - or Whittaker has a hybrid in mind - it would appear that the new car will be primarily electric powered. Of course that will likely mean enormous things for its performance; given Lister's preference for absurd power outputs, expect any model titled 'Storm' to be in the big boy league.

While such a machine is probably still some way off, it is further illustrative evidence of the company's growing success. Whittaker's Lister really got going with the launch of its continuation Knobblys, before the sellout F-Type-based Thunder and F-Pace-based LFP returned it to the world of new cars. It's since opened a £5 million dealership in Blackburn that sells a variety of classic and performance cars, and Whittaker's other venture, Warranty Wise, doesn't look to be doing too badly, either. So there's apparently plenty of money in the pot.

Lister's interest in the production of electric cars seems to be taking centre stage at the moment, following the proposal of an uprated I-Pace in November last year. The company announced that it would be produced "pending interest and pre-orders", with each one to cost about £125k. That's fifty grand more than Jaguar's factory offering, but the allure of the Lister brand and its engineering efforts does appear to be strong. Recent evidence coming with the £139k LFT-C. You'd imagine adding an ultra-powerful, eye-catching Storm II hypercar to the portfolio would grow desirability considerably.

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