New Lotus Evora GT410 Sport

Did you look at the Evora GT430 recently and think how much you'd like it if it had an extra pair of seats? Or perhaps you saw the Evora Sport 410 but found it not quite aggressive enough. Should you be one of those people, this car should suit better than Colman's mustard with Norfolk ham: the Lotus Evora GT410 Sport.

Succeeding the Evora Sport 410 - dash to the classifieds now if you want one of those - the GT is described by Lotus thusly: "Combining the latest design philosophy with a car acclaimed by both critics and customers, it packs raw performance with Lotus' latest aerodynamic developments, to provide a first-class replacement for the Evora Sport 410 model."

As such, power is the same as before at 416hp, with the focus instead on aero enhancement. So the GT410 takes the new composite front and rear body panels, carbon air ducts and rear diffuser from the 430 but does without certain other additions like the gigantic rear wing, creating what Lotus calls "a far subtler and sleeker silhouette" and what we'd say is the best looking Evora yet. It's also said to generate a peak 96kg of downforce, 50 per cent more than the old Sport 410 and, according to Lotus, the new benchmark in its price segment.

Reflecting its more everyday nature compared to the flagship GT430, the GT410 Sport is offered with manual and automatic gearboxes as well as two- and four-seat configurations. There's even a touring spec - wonder where they got that from - as a no-cost option which features more road focused Bilstein dampers and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres. As standard your GT410 will come with Cup 2s and a sports suspension arrangement comprising Eibach springs and Bilstein dampers. To the configurator...

The unladen weight of a GT410 is 1,297kg, which can be optioned down to a lightest possible dry weight of 1,256kg. This is said to represent a 98kg saving over an Evora 400 - remember that old thing? - and "up to" 28kg less than the 410 it replaces. To achieve this you must add the titanium exhaust (saving 10kg but costing £5,500) and the Race suspension package that includes adjustable Ohlins dampers - £5,500 more for you, and 13kg less for the car. Other options include £3,500 Sparco seats, a £300 Alcantara wheel, air-con at £1,500, an infotainment upgrade (with CarPlay!) for £2K and paint upgrades from £1,200 as part of Lotus Exclusive. Around a third of Lotus customers now opt for some form of customisation through the Exclusive programme.

Price? £85,900 RRP, which is just £324 more than a 911 Carrera T. Both six-cylinder, both manual and without a stereo as standard, both unashamedly driver focused - could make quite the comparison... Cars can be ordered from Lotus now, so what are you waiting for?









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  • GroundEffect 11 Jan 2018

    Knew this would come as the current/old 410 front end & rear end were gopping to look at. This is beautiful.

  • British Beef 11 Jan 2018

    For my £90k this would be the sports car I would buy, with +2 seats, supercar looks, rarity, and driver appeal.

    Given the established supercars are now double this, I think the price point is reasonable.

    Im sure at least 50% of all posts on this thread will complain stating another rehash of old car and should cost the same as a Ford Focus and have at least 500hp .....

  • tram50 11 Jan 2018

    Generic photo I guess going by the manual gear lever wink PRND!

  • Maldini35 11 Jan 2018

    That looks stunning.

    Just about my ideal car.

    I'd have this over a 911, which is not something I thought I'd ever say.

  • Gandahar 11 Jan 2018

    Good looking car, followed the Porsche route as mentioned in the PH overview by releasing yet another version or niche or money spinner.

    I do admire the sales people down at Bell and Colville. Their sex lives have really gone down the pan since they are now forever having to read through the night to learn the ever increasing stats and information on the Lotus taxonomy.

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