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New Morgan Plus Six First Edition sells out...

...save for 11 demonstrators despatched to dealers. Available for tryouts now!

By Dafydd Wood / Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Morgan has handed over the first Plus Six demonstrators to dealers during an official event at last weekend's 'Thrill On The Hill' event at Prescott Speed Hill Climb in Gloucestershire. Eleven dealers from across the UK were on hand to receive their cars, all of which took the form of limited-run 'First Edition' machines.

With a starting price of £89,995 - far exceeding the £77,995 charged for a standard Plus Six - the range-topping spec is available in a choice of retro 'Emerald' or modern 'Moonstone' guises, and includes a lightweight composite hard-top, 19-inch wheels, bespoke paint and unique interior features. All 50 examples are now sold out, with 39 having found their way into the hands of owners, and the remaining 11 now residing with those select Morgan dealers.

Morgan also took the opportunity to announce that more than 150 orders have already been placed for the Plus Six. With an output expected to be around 800 cars this year and deliveries not expected to begin until the final quarter of 2019, the Malvern factory will be working flat out to ensure customers get their cars as close to launch as possible.


The manufacturer will still be hoping that the newly-delivered demo cars will help increase that number further, however. With less than one per cent of Plus Six parts being shared with other Morgan models, a new CX-generation aluminium platform and BMW's 3.0-litre turbocharged inline-six having replaced the previous V8, there's certainly a lot for even the most established of Morgan aficionados to get to grips with. Test drives, then, should prove more important than ever.

Speaking of the development Morgan CEO Steve Morris said, "We are delighted to witness the first Plus Six models being handed over to our UK Dealership network here at Thrill On The Hill 2019. The sight of all 11 Plus Six First Editions is one to behold, and this handover marks the culmination of years of hard work from our small team based in Malvern Link. I would like to thank all the staff at our factory, and our Morgan Dealerships in the UK and around the world, for their continued efforts in bringing Plus Six to market. We look forward to a bright future for this fantastic new Morgan."

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