Novitec gets to work on McLaren 600LT

"As is generally known", reads the third sentence of Novitec's McLaren 600LT press release, "there is no such thing as having too much power". Gotta admire the confidence, haven't you? General consensus is that the 600LT is the best car McLaren Automotive has yet made, not a long way from flawless in fact, but then some people are never happy...

To that end Novitec now offers three power kits for the Longtail, comprised of an even racier exhaust and new ECU mapping that works through the Active Dynamics Panel. The most potent installation makes 688hp and 525lb ft, up from 600hp and 457lb as standard. Novitec claims these are sufficient for a slender improvement in 0-62mph time - now 2.8 seconds - and a higher top speed of 207mph. Moreover, and perhaps with greater relevance than Top Trumps willy waving, Novitec reckons the upgrade "not only has a positive effect on the acceleration and top speed, but also is evident in an even faster throttle response and more powerful in-gear acceleration." Given the LT engine is perhaps its weakest point, that's an interesting claim.

Dullards that we are here, the overriding temptation would be to have the Novitec performance upgrades in an otherwise standard LT - because it's a great looking car - but then that wouldn't be the correct way to modify a supercar. Therefore Novitec also offers a range of new wheels developed with Vossen, 30mm lowering springs and a visible carbon airbox that "not only ensures full-blooded racing looks, but also optimises the supply of fresh air to the engine." Each to their own...

Prices haven't yet been released for the Novitec Longtail parts, although they are available to willing customers now. With a dozen suitable blank canvases for sale on PH right now from £175,000, those with the wherewithal for a modified McLaren have never had it so good!



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  • ZX10R NIN 09 Jul 2019

    I like it Novitec just seem to get it right for me.

  • steveb8189 09 Jul 2019

    Yes to everything except the race harness

    Looks fantastic

  • RumbleOfThunder 09 Jul 2019

    Does a 600LT really need dropping 30mm?

  • Water Fairy 09 Jul 2019

    Personally I'd want race harnesses chucking that thing about

  • Andy83n 09 Jul 2019

    Best car Mclaren Automotive have made?

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