Racing Team Creates 7.0-litre V8 TVR Sagaris

Waiting patiently to get your hands on one of Mr Smolenski's planned V8 TVRs is not the only way to get hold of a Corvette-powered Trevor, it seems. Buckinghamshire-based Topcats Racing is currently in the process of slotting a 7.0-litre LS7 GM V8 beneath the bonnet of a TVR Sagaris.

Topcats - which runs an LS7-engined Mosler MT900 in the Britcar endurance series - have already dropped Corvette mills into several race cars, and one road car - a Cerbera - which is now running around powered by an LS3 V8.

The insertion of the LS7 into the Sag is hardly a plug-and-play affair, though. Topcats has created a bespoke exhaust system and, among other things (all of which you can read about in more detail on the Topcats website), has had to relocate the air-con motor, alternator and starter motor.

When it's finished, the LS7 Sagaris should pump out well over 550bhp. We should find out soon - as you read this the engine will have been fitted, and the first fire-up will be a matter of days away.

Best of all, Topcats and proud V8 Sagaris owner Paul Black have agreed to let PH take the car for a spin once it's ready. Awfully decent of them, really...


P.H. O'meter

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  • BUG4LIFE 04 May 2010

    Nice...the Sagaris is one of my fav styled cars of all time, I want smile

  • vintageracer01 04 May 2010


    Now we are talking!

  • Daggsy 04 May 2010

    Who will be the first to impress? N.S. or the British boys at Topcats? As a TVR owner since 1981 I can't understand why TVR can't be British based. Blackpool may be no more, but with U.K. and /or E.U. financial support surely a manufacturing base should be established in U.K. What a way for a 'new government' to announce a new manufacturing enterprise and the creation of new jobs +R&D etc. If Ant & Deck are publisising Sags on there new HD advert who knows what could happen!!

  • M400 NBL 04 May 2010

    Is there anyone who doesn't love the look of the Sag?

  • XxSunSurfxX 04 May 2010

    Wet Dreams Come True.....!!!

    Hope they do a LS9 as well though I feel sorry for rear tyres already....

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