Senna 'Carbon Theme' for Geneva

Thought you'd heard the end of McLaren Senna news? Think again. All 500 examples of the 211mph track-focussed hypercar have been sold, but that isn't stopping McLaren from thrusting it into the public eye at every opportunity, and understandably so.

Having been slid around the company's new factory for the press, spied testing on the road more than once, and microscopically analysed by enthusiasts, all that's left to do is drive the thing. Before that, however, it's heading to Geneva, and in some style too.

This, then, is the bespoke Senna 'Carbon Theme' from MSO. Comprising 67 gloss-coated visible carbon fibre parts, it took nearly 1,000 hours to produce - over three times the build-time of a standard Senna.

The Solar Yellow details on the sills, wing and aero blades took 250 hours alone - sounds like someone at Woking was distracted by the winter olympics - and pair with Laurel Green brake calipers and door struts to echo the helmet design of Senna himself. Inside, Carbon Black Alcantara trim is offset by a yellow centre band on the steering wheel and contrast stitching on the seats to complete the look.

The first of the standard cars hasn't even been delivered yet, but already new ultra-lightweight, seven-spoke, hybrid carbon fibre wheels have been developed. Comprised of a carbon fibre rim with forged aluminium spokes, the centre-locking wheels weigh just 7.5kg, 10 per cent less than the standard items, and will soon be available to customers as a dealer-fitted option.

With the RRP of the Senna standing at an eye-watering £750,000, a certain level of attention to detail is to be expected, but the precision craftsmanship and labour intensive luxury of the Carbon Theme still comes at a price. A £300,000 price, to be exact, or the cost of an entire 675LT...

McLaren promises an "additional surprise" at its Geneva press conference on Tuesday morning, it'll have to be something pretty special to top this! Best guesses below...




P.H. O'meter

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  • benm143 28 Feb 2018

    Confirmation of the existence of Unicorns

  • Kenny Powers 28 Feb 2018

    That is sensational. I’ll go somewhere else on the internet to get some decent pics wink

  • fatboy69 28 Feb 2018

    And behold. The ugly duck is now a swan!

    That looks sensational.

  • Nightshade 28 Feb 2018

    Confused by the subtitle. Isn't the tip of the iceberg also the pinnacle of it?

  • redroadster 28 Feb 2018

    I'd b miffed if I had one on order tbh then this I'd feel like I'd got poverty model lol

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