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The Curfew Jaguar XJ-S | Reader's Car of the Week

Recently the steed for Sean Bean on Sky, now the pride and joy of a PHer!

By Matt Bird / Saturday, December 07, 2019

What's the one thing better than a Jaguar XJ-S? Two of them, obviously, or at least that's the logic of PHer 'lukeharding', who's added to his 4.0-litre with this incredible V12, manual XJ-S.

If it looks familiar to some, that's because this was the car that recently starred in Sky's Curfew - with Sean Bean, no less - and was acquired at an H&H auction without an MOT. In fact, not even any online MOT history, meaning it could well have been off the road for many years before its TV role. And it wouldn't start. This was never going to be a predictable thread, was it?

However, with plugs cleaned the Curfew Jag made it home. The diagnosis then was that "it won't go into first gear or reverse, clutch needs attention, the power steering doesn't appear to be working correctly, and the brakes seem to be pretty poor." There was clearly some work to do, then, and that was before Luke looked underneath it...

But we'll let him explain just what state the TV star was in; there's clearly interest in the big Jag, the thread already four pages long having been running for less than a week. And why wouldn't there be? This is a manual, V12 Jaguar coupe, one unlike any other in every regard. We look forward to seeing how it progresses, and let's hope the XJ-S can make it to a Sunday Service once properly fit and well. Just maybe not one too far away, give how much fuel it's apparently using...

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