Top Gear Test Track Record Smashed

Getting ready for lift-off
Getting ready for lift-off
British supercar manufacturer Ultima has celebrated its 15th anniversary in style by shattering the lap record on the Top Gear test track.

The record was held by the Koenigsegg CXX, complete with wing, but the Ultima GTR720 stopped the clock over four and half seconds before the Swedish supercar could cross the line.

In order to make the test completely kosher, the Ultima used was fully road legal, with standard tyres, and was even driven to the test track.

According to Ultima’s director, Richard Marlow, the company has approached Top Gear on a number of occasions to let the Stig take the wheel of the GTR but have been repeatedly turned down.

So, with their very own benchmark driver at the helm, the independently figured time for the Ultima is so fast that, in a head to head race with a Ferrari Enzo, the 720bhp GTR would lap it every 12 laps.

He also announced that the British firm wouldn’t rule out further attempts at lowering the record still further, with their more powerful and faster GTR800 variant.

For the record, the Ultima lapped the track in 1:12.8, making the Koenigsegg's 1:17.6 seem positively pedestrian.


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  • chrisbr68 23 Oct 2007

    Thats what I like to hear, but will it ever make it onto top gear in the hands of the real Stig?

    What was the turbo Dax's time again?

  • Twincam16 23 Oct 2007

    Looking at it, I think they dressed the Ultima driver up as the Stig. That's the idea behind the Stig - he can be any racing driver who happens to be to hand.

    Even so, it just shows that, firstly, there are British supercars out there that can wallop the opposition into the floor, and two, they can be all stripped-out and spare and don't have to pander to a market which, it's assumed, expects leather, brake distribution systems and a CD autochanger.

  • sniff petrol 23 Oct 2007

    Remember the Renault R25? did a 1min dead. That shows what an acheivement this is. Well done Ultima! clap

  • mattikake 23 Oct 2007

    Yeah only about 13 secs slower than an F1 car! That gap between the ever-restricted F1 cars and road cars is getting ever smaller...

  • Strawman 23 Oct 2007

    sniff petrol said:
    Remember the Renault R25? did a 1min dead. That shows what an acheivement this is. Well done Ultima! clap
    That was one of these
    not one of these


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