Tuned Elise develops 275bhp


Californian tuner ForcedFed has turbocharged a standard 1.8-litre Lotus Elise, which wrings a claimed 275bhp and torque of some 200lb-ft from it. As a result, the ForcedFed LE Sport 275 rockets to 60mph in four seconds, according to company boss Brett Payne -- who also doubles as a part-time celebrity chef.

Payne's recipe consists of a small Garrett GT28R turbocharger, a Spearco intercooler, some plumbing and an ECU. The turbo reaches full boost by 2,600rpm, and it delivers more torque at 3,000rpm than the standard engine does at 5,000rpm. The kit adds $7,200 (£3,820) or $8,700 (£4,617) installed to the price of your Elise.

Payne said a ForcedFed LE Race 400 will be available in mid-May with 400bhp.

The company points out that ForcedFed's products and services are not associated with, sponsored by, or approved by Lotus, and that installation of its products voids your Lotus warranty.

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  • boggy 11 May 2005

    If this becomes available in the Uk then I'm buying into it depending on price, this sound's wicked.


  • tvrman 11 May 2005

    Ummm gives me a few ideas of what to do with my Celica engine :-)

  • gofasterrosssco 11 May 2005

    Doesnt meantion about lowering compression, stronger bottom end etc. assuming the boost is low enough and the mapping good enough that reliability is assured?? Im sure its a question elise owners and prospective purchasers ar gonna ask?

  • AlShack 11 May 2005

    Checkout those wheels on the blue car -

  • charlieromeo 11 May 2005

    What the hell is going on with the exhaust? It's smaller than the one my original Mini had!

    >> Edited by charlieromeo on Wednesday 11th May 14:47

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