TVR owners head for Blackpool

TVR, Bristol Avenue
TVR, Bristol Avenue
PHers are marching -- well, driving -- to Blackpool in support of TVR and the people who work there.

This Friday, 3 November, TVR owners will be meeting at midday on the seafront, and then driving to the TVR factory in Bristol Avenue.

PHer Dave Chant (moniker: nTel), who's helped organise the rally, said that, once outside the plant, the TVRs will wait for the production staff to finish their shift.

"When they start to leave the premises we can give them a huge round of applause, rev our engines, hoot our horns or whatever. Whatever we do can I suggest we respect the people who live around the factory and not cause them any distress.

"All the workforce will be invited to join us for a drink at the Red Lion pub on Devonshire Road. I wouldn't expect them to pay for anything so therefore can I suggest we kitty up, say a tenner each, to buy them, what ever they want, to show our appreciation of their skills.

"The Red Lion has kindly agreed for us to cordon off part of it's huge car park so that we can park our cars, and also the TVR staff cars. They will also be providing extra bar staff to cater for all of us.

"I have also informed the local police of our arrival. The weather has also been organised and, up to now, it is forecast to be fine, if not, glorious."

PistonHeads started as a TVR enthusiasts' site and, even though its remit is much wider than that now, we wish TVR, its workers, and those heading up there on Friday the very best.

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