TVR Sagaris

First impressions would indicate that there are no significant changes to the Sagaris on show today. The rear of the car has undergone some minor revisions with the rear 'saggy arse' removed and the car now boasts a tighter, leaner rear. The use of large wheels filling the arches gives the car real presence and the brightly coloured car on TVR's stand looks particularly stunning.

Two cars are at the show, a grey model featured on the Auto Trader stand and a more brightly coloured model on TVR's own stand.




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  • Supersonic 25 May 2004

    Wow, looks stunning in red with the 19 inch wheels.

    Any confirmation on any changes?

  • johnny senna 25 May 2004

    I prefer it in grey. Very sinister.

  • Podie 25 May 2004

    The red one looks like the rear has been tidied up a little... the diffuser doesn't seem to have such an overhang...

  • Plotloss 25 May 2004

    Side exit exhausts.

    Finally the driver and passenger get to hear what all the fuss is about...

  • cacatous 25 May 2004

    Those wheels really do set the car off nicely!

    Any changes to the interior as was promised?

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