TVR To Return With US V8s; £70K Price Tag

The website at
The website at
TVR is on the brink of an exciting relaunch with a brand new model boasting US-sourced V8 power and costing upwards of £70,000 when it finally hits the showrooms.

We're still trying to pin down all the facts, but what we've gleaned from various sources is that TVR - under its Russian owner Nikolai Smolenski - is currently planning to reveal the all-new machine 'within months', possibly at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July although it could be even sooner.

We're not sure which engine will be nestled under the Goodwood car's bonnet, but we do expect the car to appear with a US sourced V8 'crate engine', so it's possible it could be from either Ford or Chevy. Either way, we hear the new car will maintain all the 'traditional TVR values', so expect something in the ballpark of 500bhp in a front engined, rear-drive, two-seater package with extrovert styling that's sure to be a major crowd-puller at Goodwood if the plan goes ahead.

TVR engines to be swapped for US V8s
TVR engines to be swapped for US V8s
While TVR models all latterly used bespoke engines, it is believed that Mr Smolenski's plan is to sell the new TVR in global markets including the US, hence the decision to opt for a 'crate' engine package developed by one of the US majors. As well as benefitting from tried and tested technology, the move will save TVR millions in development and homologation costs.

Although none of the news above has been officially confirmed, recent activity on the website and rumours on our very own TVR forums add weight to what we have learned.

According to a new TVR Motors Company Ltd statement on the homepage, a brand-new website is 'coming soon'. The current holding page has an e-mail address and telephone number for sales enquiries.

Meanwhile reports on our forum suggest a job load of TVR parts have been sent by Multipart to Germany, where Mr Smolenski has long been rumoured to be planning to restart production.

Forum reports also suggest several TVR parts suppliers have been served with 'cease and desist' notices by TVR Motors Company, which claims rights to be the UK's sole official parts supplier. Such a move which would seem to be a natural precursor to the brand's official relaunch, although we believe similar letters have been sent before.

Either way, we're all extremely fired up by the prospect of a TVR comeback here at PH towers. If you can add anything to this intriguing story drop us a line at - in confidence of course!

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  • Garlick 22 Feb 2010

    Goodwood eh? scratchchin

  • Barry Ashcroft 22 Feb 2010

    I'll believe it when I see it.

  • TheRoadWarrior 22 Feb 2010

    Hang on, what happened to TVR the last time? I dont really recall, they just seemed to disapear off the radar- I hadnt even realised the Russian guy was still at the helm..

    Shirly they'll have to be wildly remodelled if they're to be sold in the US and rest of the world?

  • Roo 22 Feb 2010

    Three threads in two minutes.

    Belive it when I see it.

  • WCZ 22 Feb 2010

    good luck!

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