Alfa 'Nurburgring' special editions - new pics

UPDATE, 18/06/2018, 0930h:
We use 'update' here in the loosest sense of the term, because really Alfa Romeo has only released new images of its Nurburgring special editions of the Giulia and Stelvio Quadrifoglio. Actually, that's a bit of a fib, because Alfa has confirmed that each buyer will receive a scale moel of their car, a Welcome Kit (comprised of Sparco racing gloves and customised soft shell jacket, sports bag, 'Quadrifoglio' cuff links and Car Shoe racing slippers) and a driving course on the Nordschleife itself. Plus an authenticity certificate.

Full UK details of the car are due to follow on July 4th, so there definitely will be a few over here. More news next month!










Should your working day ever require an injection of excitement, the video of Fabio Francia lapping the Nordschleife in a Giulia Quadrifoglio should do the trick. It's seven and a half minutes of terrifying, unwavering commitment, the t-shirted test driver hurling the Alfa around with frightful disdain. It's one heck of a way to set a four-door saloon record at the 'ring (that being for production cars, the Jag Project 8 of course being limited).

To mark the car's record breaking success, and the similar feat achieved by the Stelvio Quadrifoglio, Alfa has taken it upon itself to create two 'NRING' limited editions for the Geneva show. Limited to just 108 cars each (because Alfa is 108 years old), the Stelvio and Giulia are described by Alfa as made for "the most loyal Alfa Romeo customers." Marking them out cosmetically are Circuito Grey paint (unique to these cars) and a numbered plaque on the carbon dash inlay.

Despite a few nice extras though, these 'NRING' cars are not the dedicated circuit specials you might have been hoping for. Over the standard Quadrifoglios, both versions come with the optional ceramic brakes, the upgraded Sparco seats and a few carbon trinkets outside. And that's sort of it.

With no word yet on UK pricing or availability, we would have to assume that further 'NRING' information will follow at Geneva, where Alfa will also show a Giulia Veloce Ti and a Giulia Super Luxury Pack, plus two additional 4Cs: a Competizione, and an Italia. But those cars have fewer changes than the lap record specials, so are even less newsworthy. Should you miss out on a NRING, or fancy one of the Quadrifoglios in a colour other than grey, the cheapest V6 Giulias are now approaching £50k; the Stelvio Quadrifoglio of course not yet in the UK. More news as it's available...

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  • Iceicebsby1980 01 Mar 2018

    So basically for extra £ you get a limited edition coulour and a plaque wow . Why not do a light weight limited edition . Similar to the e46 m3 csl .

  • Gecko1978 01 Mar 2018

    Why you say? because in 12 months they csn then sell a lighter version rhr NRing GT3 then later an NRing GT3RS an finallly NRing RSR and really finally this time an NRing R like the NRing but with the RS engine....oh an wait really really finally NRing R touring.

  • treeroy 01 Mar 2018

    probably would be cheaper to just get your car resprayed

  • Yipper 01 Mar 2018

    Alfa definitely on a roll and starting to compete better with the near-premium Germans. A long way to go, of course, but they're getting closer.

  • Ares 01 Mar 2018

    Iceicebsby1980 said:
    So basically for extra £ you get a limited edition coulour and a plaque wow .
    Just like their competitors do then? wink

    Except they would have to charge a £20,000 premium on top of the cost of the extras.

    Interesting to see what price premium this attracts above a normal QV with the same options. Love the colour....but then I am biased wink

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