Alpine A110 gets 305hp with RaceChip

Itโ€™s no secret that the Alpine A110โ€™s turbocharged 1.8-litre engine has something left in the tank; the output of the Renault Sport Megane Trophy says as much. The four-cylinder unit is essentially unchanged between the two cars, with just a lower inertia turbo and altered software lending the heavier hatchback its advantage. Consequently, it was only a matter of time until someone tweaked the A110โ€™s power and torque curves. German firm RaceChip has done just that, extracting 305hp from the base model on its first try โ€“ and excitingly for us, the piggyback solution has just gone on sale in Britain.

The Stage 2 offering (thereโ€™s also a lower-powered Stage 1) represents a jump of 53hp over standard and even beats the Megane Trophy โ€“ the most potent car so far to use the new four-cylinder engine โ€“ by 5hp. It ups the 1,080kg A110 Pureโ€™s power-to-weight from 233hp to 282hp per tonne, which we can all agree is a significant improvement. The higher peak power is joined by a 59lb ft increase in torque, with RaceChipโ€™s electronic control unit (itโ€™s plug and play like the German firmโ€™s other offerings) taking peak twist to 298lb ft.ย 

Crucially, the engineers have also succeeded in retaining near identical power and torque lines for the engine, so the latter peaks from about 2,000rpm and hangs on for most of the rev range, while horsepower builds to a 6,000rpm peak, as it does with the standard settings. This means the RaceChip-fettled A110 should offer the same, naturally-aspirated-mimicking characteristics as the factoryโ€™s machine, just with more punch all of the time. Thatโ€™s important, because Alpine has done such a fantastic job of matching the powertrain to the A110โ€™s fantastic, lightweight chassis that any alterations would have likely detracted from the experience.

To prove the theory on the road, RaceChip has done back-to-back 100-200kmh autobahn runs versus the standard car. RaceChip said its tuned A110 completed the sprint 1.5 seconds quicker than the factory model despite the test being done on one of the hottest days of the year (so inlet temps were far from optimum). But even as a near worst case scenario result, it leaves the ยฃ499 upgrade looking like pretty good value for money โ€“ especially considering that it also promises a 20 per cent improvement to fuel economy and comes with a two-year engine warranty. If you prefer, thereโ€™s a Stage 1 offering that brings an additional 43hp and 49lb ft for ยฃ349, but given the modest difference in price we canโ€™t imagine many buyers opting for the halfway house.ย 

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  • Miserablegit 15 Aug 2019

    It will be this or Litchfield once I'm out of warranty....
    Don't currently feel the car needs any more power but if it is available it would be rude not to.

  • gigglebug 15 Aug 2019

    I thought Arnautović had gone to play football in China, not to Germany to fiddle about with cars?

  • CedricN 15 Aug 2019

    Theres some strange stuff in those numbers,, would be best to stay away from guesstimated engine power numbers, with different loss factors before and after the remap.

    32Hp increase at the wheels would be more honest. Not a bad increase anyway, will make is seriously quick!

  • sutts 15 Aug 2019

    Very nice. Also, I am drinking a coffee the same shade as that car.

  • gigglebug 15 Aug 2019

    No details of the other modifications? Michelin, Eibach, BBS and something that looks like Green on the side, what would that be? I quit like it, minus the stickers of course. Simply painting the skirts and roof has made a big difference to the overall look of the car. I'm not always a fan of that style of wheel but they look good here. I even like the colour, especially the interior.

    Edited by gigglebug on Thursday 15th August 12:28

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