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Alpine A110 Legende GT | Not Geneva 2020

More luxury, more yellow and more customisation on offer from latest Alpines

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Typically the broadening of a colour palette and a new limited edition would look a little apologetic for a sports car at Geneva. Or Not Geneva. However, as you've probably heard, the Alpine A110 needs next to nothing changing about it, so a new Legende GT and Colour Edition, as well as Atelier Alpine personalisation, seem like perfectly worthwhile additions.

A special edition limited to 400 cars, the Legende GT Alpine is "the most refined A110 yet"; so this A110 gets a new three-piece luggage set to make the most of the storage space available, alongside a new compartment between the seats. Some of the concessions to usability found on the Alpine options list - parking sensors, reversing camera and Focal stereo - are also fitted as standard to the Legende GT.

More significantly, this latest Alpine will only be offered in three specifications. All will receive warm amber leather - a hide replicated on the luggage set - on six-way adjustable seats, with brown stitching on the wheel and copper weaved carbon trim. There are just three colours to choose from as well: Deep Black, Abyss Blue, or Mercury Silver, which is a new one. The 18-inch Serac wheels are Pale Gold, whichever colour you go for.

The Legende GT is mechanically identical to a standard A110; Alpine believes the combination of plusher surroundings and the proven underpinnings show that "as well as being a thrilling sports car, an Alpine can equally be a refined GT as well." UK customers can reserve one of the 400 via the app now, with prices expected to start from around £59,000.

The Colour Edition is an interesting concept from Alpine, where annually a new, bespoke colour will be introduced that's only available on a few cars for that calendar year, with each priced from just under £60k. For 2020 it's Sunflower Yellow, a non-metallic colour popular for the original A110. Underneath the vivid exterior is a 292hp A110 S, a car Alpine describes as "the most stimulating A110 driving experience."

Further identifiers for this Colour Edition include black logos, black GT Race wheels and black headlight inserts; anthracite calipers are also standard, with customers still able to opt for the standard A110S's carbon roof if desired. Like the Legende GT, UK customers can reserve one via the app now, with deliveries due in the summer and prices to be confirmed.

Finally, the Atelier Alpine personalisation programme. It probably won't have escaped your attention - it certainly didn't pass Dan by, when he came to buying one - that there aren't many colours available for the Alpine A110: two blues, two whites, a grey and a black. That's it. So the introduction of 29 more, "from understated greys and off-white to vibrant reds, oranges and blues, plus elegant metallic shades and more purposeful solid colours", should be seen as very good news - even if they cost €4,800. And are limited to 110 cars globally. Oh. But don't be too dispirited just yet; Alpine surely can't have gone to this effort, which also includes new wheel colours, caliper finishes and the promise of more personalisation in time, to create just 100 cars a year. Surely not.

So, nothing major from Alpine this March but, as mentioned, nothing major was needed for such a joyous little sports car. The introduction of more colours and some limited editions is par for the course when it comes to establishing a new brand, so expect a few more in time. And plenty more evangelising, too.

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