Ferrari 599 replacement leaks onto web

Ferrari didn't want you to see this, the first undisguised image of the replacement for the 599, until 29th February.

But these days the car industry seems to spring more leaks than your average government ministry, and so this shot has been leaked to website GTspirit.

It's not clear, but it does seems as if this car is a styling buck, rather than the finished item, but it surely gives a strong impression - and possibly an entirely accurate one - of how the finished car will look when it is unveiled at Geneva.

We also know that beneath those taut curves lies a V12 with at least 710hp (making it Ferrari's most powerful road car ever) a rear-wheel drive chassis and a seven-speed twin-clutch transmission. We can't wait to find out more...

See the official teaser video here

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  • V8 GRF 27 Feb 2012

    If that's the real thing then it's a nice evolution of the existing shape with some nice details for what we can see.

  • Bisonhead 27 Feb 2012

    Gorgeous! Seems Ferrari are getting back on form with body design. Looking forward to finding out more!

  • bigricho 27 Feb 2012

    Looks like a cross between a California and a Maser GT

  • jimbo2728 27 Feb 2012

    There is an amusing thread about this on the Autocar site here:

    Some mental bird called Queen Vicky banging out a load of drivel and getting the other readers in a right tizz.

    The car looks great in my humble opinion and I bet in the metal it will look even better. Based on the claimed performance figures it should be on another planet to the majority of its "real" rivals (ie proper GT's).

    It just makes me even more excited about the Enzo successor now. It should be capable of space travel if Ferrari go as nuts with the performance as they have with the F620!

  • WCZ 27 Feb 2012

    this is a wooden prototype and the real thing looks different also it's 740 bhp!

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