Ferrari-developed turbo V8 on the way...

The internetweb has been abuzz of late with video footage of a Ferrari California test mule lapping Fiorano to the accompaniment of the distinct rush of turbocharging. But this is not necessarily an indication that the next-gen California will get forced induction.

The key to the mystery, we hear, is the recent investment of 50 million euros by parent company Fiat in a new engine plant at Maranello to develop engines for the group's high-end models (for that, read Ferrari and Maserati).

Which means that, although the new motor under development is in the body of a California, it might well be heading for one of Maserati's two planned new saloons, the replacement for the Quattroporte and an all-new smaller model.

That's not to say that the turbocharged V8 won't find its way into the next California - it's something that 'may or may not happen' a Ferrari insider has told us. Our best bet at the moment? The new engine will go into a Maserati first, but will eventually filter into a California replacement. However, since Ferrari has only just given the California a significant facelift, that new car could be further away than some people imagine...


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  • GroundEffect 14 Jun 2012

    Memories of the F40!

  • Chunkychucky 14 Jun 2012

    Good grief that sounds like a low-revving Mitsubishi Evolution

  • suffolk009 14 Jun 2012

    Why does everyone hate turbos so much. It's not like you get 1980s turbo lag anymore, and the argument that they don't sound so good doesn't ring true for me - when you can change the noise your engine makes at the touch of a button, it ALL false.

    Best sound I ever owned was a X-flow with mad-cams and a pair of webers.

  • kambites 14 Jun 2012

    suffolk009 said:
    Why does everyone hate turbos so much. It's not like you get 1980s turbo lag anymore.
    Yes you do and that's why I hate them. smile

    I've never driven a turbocharged car without annoying levels of turbo-lag.

  • glm1977 14 Jun 2012

    wont a de-tuned version ona v8 turbo end up in the Chrysler and other US brands that Fiat now have.... would be surprised if all the investment from Fiat went just on Fez & Massers....

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