Ferrari F620 GT set for Geneva - with 710hp

Ferrari will unveil its 710hp successor to the 599GTB Fiorano at the Geneva motor show in March, according to German mag Auto Bild.

599 production stopped last year
599 production stopped last year
According to our German colleagues (whoserendering and spy-shot story you can see here), the new car's internal codename is F152, but it will be christened the F620 when it comes to market.

As well as front-end styling that owes a great deal to the Ferrari FF, the F620 will use the same 6.3-litre V12, albeit with an extra 90hp. It won't get the four-wheel-drive system from the FF, however, Ferrari perhaps wisely sticking to a more purist-friendly rear-wheel drive set-up for its flagship GT. (Much as we predicted lastspring, but we don't like to brag...)

The transmission of that power, meanwhile, will be via a version of the same seven-speed twin-clutch gearbox used in the 458 Italia.

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  • ali4390 07 Feb 2012

    The spy shots look interesting to say the least.

  • E38Ross 07 Feb 2012

    6.3 L V12 making over 700bhp in a RWD GT car, sounds good to me!

  • Stew2000 07 Feb 2012

    620 - 6.3L? so it's really a 2550cc?

  • Polarbert 07 Feb 2012

    How much will it weigh? Sounds very good, but I can't help but think it might be a tad excessive. If the 599 GTO is to go by it looked as if a lot of the power was wasted without any of the computers on.

  • goron59 07 Feb 2012

    Looks a bit minging in the rendering.... hope it looks better IRL.

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