Ferrari SP America special edition spied

It seems for the super-wealthy, optioning your exotic Italian sports car to the hilt does not display the vastness of your financial reserves strongly enough. Which is why we're seeing a second one-off Ferrari in as many weeks.

Well if an F12 isn't exclusive enough...
Well if an F12 isn't exclusive enough...
Hot on the heels of the Ferrari F12 TRS - which appeared at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed last weekend - another unique F12-based model has been spied.

Whereas the TRS drew inspiration from a 1957 250 Testa Rossa, with its chopped down aero screen, see through bonnet and lack of a roof, the SP America derives its design from probably the most iconic Ferrari ever: the 250 GTO.

Developed by Ferrari's Special Projects division for a US owner, the SP America's nod to the past comes in the form of three small bonnet vents - which apart from adding an aesthetic dimension probably also help cool the engine bay.

The slightly sketchy phone shots snapped outside the Spring Valley New York Ferrari dealer also show a power bulge in the centre of the bonnet, referencing the space required for the 250 GTO's six twin-choke downdraught Weber carbs, twin vents in the front wings, a ducktail rear spoiler and even more slashes in the rear bodywork.

One TRS owner is very grumpy now
One TRS owner is very grumpy now
Classic 1960s design cues implemented on a modern car with a decent degree of success we reckon, just like the redesign for the TRS.

It's not yet clear if the SP America gets any mechanical modifications over the standard F12, but if the TRS is anything to go by it's unlikely.

That means there's still a 6.3-litre V12 out front, which still delivers 740hp to the rear-wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. It's therefore reasonable to expect the 0-62mph sprint will remain at 3.1 seconds, while the official "211mph-plus" top speed may be cut slightly due to the increased drag from the extra vents and that duck tail boot lip.

Fortunately enough for the American custodian, it's not as if the standard car was slow anyway.

[Source: The Supercar Kids]


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  • myhandle 02 Jul 2014

    Peter Kalikow? He of P540 and SA 45 specials. Looks pretty interesting, like a potential F12 GTO.

    Edited by myhandle on Wednesday 2nd July 12:34

  • coogy 02 Jul 2014

    Given how much I love the 250 GTO, I was prepared to hate this. That, however, is bloody lovely!

  • Vocal Minority 02 Jul 2014

    Its an interesting take. Still definitively an F12 and only a few styling queues (such as the three air scoops) to point towards it's muse

  • crostonian 02 Jul 2014

    The wheels have a look of the 'coffin' spoke style fitted to the Stratos and Michelotto 308s

  • GroundEffect 02 Jul 2014


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