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Fiat 124 Spider Eibach kits

Fancy a 124 but worried an MX-5 is better to drive? Eibach may have a solution

By Matt Bird / Monday, October 10, 2016

Now while the

Mazda MX-5


Fiat 124 Spider

aim to fulfil different roadster roles, there is clearly potential for the aftermarket to further enhance both. We've already experienced BBR's effort with the MX-5, and here's the first look at Eibach's take on the 124.

Hopefully no more cornering shots like this then!

Hopefully no more cornering shots like this then!

Wouldn't you know, it's quite a bit lower than standard. The Fiat's odd stance and rather vague handling must in some way be attributable to the ride height, so Eibach lowering kits sound like rather a good idea. The entry level option is the Pro-Kit Performance package, which lowers the car by 35mm at the front and 25mm at the rear. So equipped, this means the 124 "does not only cut a fine figure in motion, but also shows its 'bella figura' when parked in front of a street cafe" according to Eibach.

On top of this is the Sportline Sport Performance kit (the red one), dropping the Spider by 45mm at the front and 35mm at the rear. Eibach says a "motorsport feeling" is included, and how much better does it look closer to the road?

Also new are Eibach's wheel spacers, made from aluminium to ensure only a marginal impact on unsprung weight. Indeed Eibach believes they have a "positive effect on the self-aligning forces of the steering". And it helps the car look cool, obviously.

The Eibach kits are on sale now, with more information available on the website too. Don't be too hasty though: BBR is working on its own suspension kit, building on the Koni set up used in the Super 200. You're spoilt for choice!

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