Ford Focus RS: Reader's Car of the Week

"Had I known the cost and time it would take I might not have been so keen to do this, but once you start you are committed and have to follow through with the work." So writes PHer 'Mk1RS Bruce' on the thread about his 2004 Focus in Readers' Cars. What was once his weekend ride (having obsessed about the car as a kid) had become his daily driver for two - seemingly very entertaining - years.

However, the rust then inevitably set in, and then some more rust appeared a little later, and then the idea for "refurbishing the car" came to mind. You can see where this is going...

Now we have a full (and very interesting) restoration thread on our hands, Bruce replacing wings, arches, sills, the underside, the paint... You won't be surprised to learn that the car will be getting more sympathetic use once the work is done.

But what work it is. Not only is it great to see a fast Ford icon like the RS brought back to a former glory in forensic detail - check out the respray time lapse video, for instance - but there are also some great contributions from other readers in the thread. Fellow owners, former owners, even one of the development engineers from the RS project - all make for very worthwhile review.

At six pages already having started less than a month ago, there's clearly a lot of interest in Bruce's Focus RS. And with very good reason, too.

See the full thread here

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