Italdesign 'Zerouno Duerta': Geneva 2018

Remember last year's Geneva show? Probably not, given 365 days is quite a long time in the automotive world. However, the 2017 Palexpo was significant for the debut of Italdesign as a dedicated manufacturer, revealing the Zerouno to the world.

Now, with all five of those sold, Italdesign is using this year's show to exhibit the Zerouno Duerta - 'duerta' means 'open' in Piedmontese dialect, so what you have here is the targa version.

Using the same carbon-aluminium chassis as the coupe, as well as its carbon bodywork, 610hp 5.2-litre V10 and seven-speed dual-clutch 'box, the Duerta is capable of 199mph. Italdesign says the same "core elements" of lightness and aerodynamics are carried over into this car, with a complete redesign of the rear and the top of the car to ensure that performance and comfort aren't compromised when motoring top down. Note too the 'Y Duct' in the bonnet, also seen in the coupe and designed to optimise airflow.

Italdesign says that, thanks to reinforcement, the rigidity of Duerta is "comparable" to the coupe. While the targa top is manually removable, an emergency soft top is included in case the weather takes a turn. And if your driving takes a turn (for the worse), a pair of new roll bars have been introduced for this version.

As with the Zerouno coupe, the targa will be limited to just five units, with each buyer offered the chance to specify a unique colour combination: "We built five times a unique car", says Massimo Bovi of the coupe, so expect the same for this Duerta.

As for what those five customers will pay, anything up to £2m has been suggested by Autocar. And, truth be told, unless you're one of the five it's unlikely you'll ever know. Still, if a price emerges we'll update you - another one to keep a look out for on a busy show floor!

[Source: Autocar]

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Comments (6) Join the discussion on the forum

  • Macboy 05 Mar 2018

    It’s not a looker. It’s nothing particularly special at all - it does 199mph, doesn’t have a unique engine and looks...well, quirky. It’s £2m. Proof you can sell 10 of anything.

  • jackpe 05 Mar 2018

    Makes a Senna look pretty. And that's really saying something.

  • kainedog 06 Mar 2018

    That’s horrific , proportions all wrong and reminds me of a super car from my lads x box game ,watchdogs I think , where the cars are sort of hybrid mash ups because they can’t use the real ones .

  • V63 06 Mar 2018

    A unique colour 'combination' - on a five off production run? Cheers, make mine one scoop of tutti frutti and two scoops of pistachio...

  • matrignano 06 Mar 2018

    It's just a rebodied Huracan, isn't it?

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