Loeb WTCC teaser: Time For Tea?

After seemingly failing to notice it had one of the best all-round racing drivers in a generation on its payroll for the last decade Citroen is belatedly capitalising on the Loeb effect and hyping his forthcoming WTCC entry heavily indeed.

'What do you mean leave the Lambo at home?'
'What do you mean leave the Lambo at home?'
A game in which we'll happily be complicit in this instance, even if this video of Loeb shaking down his C-Elysee WTCC at Paul Ricard spends rather too much time on the contrived build-up and not enough on the car itself. And, while we're here, Loeb's coolness may be weapons grade but even he's treading a fine line with that DS3 Cabrio and lurid green Oakleys combo. Maybe the Aventador was in for a service or something.

And the race car? Certainly sounds good and Loeb looks comfortable enough at the wheel. But seeing as it takes much from his DS3 WRC car that's probably not a huge surprise. Will his participation raise the profile of the series here too? It took a decade to get around to it but Citroen's going the right way about making that happen.

See the vid here.


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  • 405dogvan 09 Aug 2013

    Citroen have gone nuts in motorsport terms for many years now and yet you don't see people really saying "I must have a Citroen" for it's driving capabities do you?

    Peugeot rallied and sold the 205/309/405 GTi/Mi off the back of it

    Lancia rallied and sold the Delta and - erm - not much else

    Volvo did TCs and sold a lot of fast estates

    Ford race and rally to add kudos to their RS and ST models

    Audi do Le Mans to piss-off EVERYONE IN THE WORLD

    Citroen do this and - sell a large range of competent but bland cars to families and young people and about 4 very expensive DS3 'lurid paintjobs' to nutters...


  • Krikkit 09 Aug 2013

    They don't sell much because there's no rally or race-inspired halo model to tempt them in. Even though the quick DS3 is fairly decent, it's not mad enough.

  • Henry Fiddleton 09 Aug 2013

    Seb is going to really struggle to beat Yvan next year.

    Great driver line up though, but "two roosters" and all that...

  • tombstone 09 Aug 2013

    new version of 'Taxi' coming up.....?

    Make a cracking replacement for a 406! wink

  • NGK210 09 Aug 2013

    tombstone said:
    new version of 'Taxi' coming up.....?

    Make a cracking replacement for a 406! wink
    Yep, and give Seb a role in it, too - he seems to be able to handle dialogue. Props to the director.

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