Reader's Car of the Week: Bitter SC

Even when brand new, the Bitter SC was a very rare car. Wikipedia suggests that just 461 coupes were made between 1979 and 1989, along with 22 convertibles and five saloons. Nearly 30 years on those numbers will have dwindled dramatically.

But there's hope! PHer 'Strela' has purchased a Bitter SC - unseen, it should be said - to join a Mercedes 380SL in the garage. Apparently there are fewer than 10 roadworthy SCs left in the UK, making it rarer than all manner of exotica. Probably even less widely known as well...

Based on a contemporary Opel Senator, the Bitter was powered by the big saloon's straight six engine. Handily for Strela, this SC has the large 3.9-litre version, which once upon a time made more than 200hp.

With the thread still very fresh, having only been started on Tuesday, it won't take long to catch up on the Bitter. With collection imminent, hopefully there's a lot more to learn about the SC over the coming weeks and months. But a hearty well done is due to Strela already, for taking a chance on something so rare and so different - we wish you all the very best!

Read the full thread here.

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