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Toyota confirms 2.0-litre Supra for Europe

Four-cylinder Euro Supra is 100kg lighter and entering production soon - good news!

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Remember the commotion surrounding the Supra launch last year? Course you do, the world had been waiting years for it. But news that did slip under the radar at the time was the confirmation of a four-cylinder model alongside the straight-six Supra, announced for Japan the day after the launch. Expect a lot more attention to be focussed on it now, though, with Toyota now launching the 2.0-litre Supra for Europe.

Available exclusively in 258hp/295lb ft guise - in its home market there's a 197hp variant, too - the four-cylinder Supra sends its power to the road via the same eight-speed auto as the 3.0-litre car. Toyota is claiming the 0-62mph dash takes just 5.2 seconds, with a governed top speed of 155; CO2 is rated between 156 and 172g/km.

Of far more interest than that, however, is another number: 100kg. That's the overall weight saving Toyota is claiming from 3.0-litre to 2.0-litre Supra, which would take it down to 1,395kg at the kerb. An encouraging number when it's considered that a 718 Cayman T is 1,350kg by the same measure, and an F-Type P300 from 1,500kg. Weight distribution is still said to be 50:50, with the engine closer to the centre of the car, said to help create "responsiveness, agility and confidence-inspiring handling." Again, something to be enthused by given the impressive initial showing from the standard car.

The particular four-cylinder Supra seen here is the Fuji Speedway edition, of which just 200 will be made for Europe. Equipped to the hilt with the optional Connect and Sport Packs - the latter notable for introducing sports brakes, adaptive suspension and a locking diff - the colour combination aims to evoke the official Toyota Gazoo motorsport livery.

The Fuji Speedway edition, indeed none of the four-cylinder Supra range, has yet been finalised for the UK, though it's surely only a matter of time before the specs and prices are announced given production starts in March. And it's a fair chunk more powerful than a GT86. For reference a Cayman starts at £44,000, the F-Type at £52,000. More details as soon as we have them!

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