Ferrari Monza SP1 and SP2 first look

It's been a little while, or certainly it seems that way, since Ferrari released something super exclusive based on their V12 models. The F60 America was nearly four years ago and there were 799 F12 Tdfs, which makes them positively common by the standards of limited run Maranello cars.

Here we have the first look at the cars - the Monza SP1 and SP2 - that will succeed the F60 America, and which of course can also trace their history back to the 575 Superamerica and 550 Barchetta. Autocar has picked up the images via an Instagram account dedicated to the pair of V12 roadsters, the cars shown at a customer event prior to an official debut at the Paris show.

In case you hadn't guessed, the SP1 Monza is the single seat car, with a covered passenger side like a classic racing car, and the SP2 is the two-seater alternative. Both are based on the 812 Superfast, using that car's stupendous 6.5-litre V12; however, with all carbon bodywork (or so we're led to believe), expect the Monzas to be a little lighter than the SF, and therefore to make their 800hp feel even more potent...

In terms of design, both inside and out the Monzas are quite traditional. There's one large swoop for the rear light, a pair of perfectly regular headlights and a body largely unadorned by aero add-ons (rear diffuser notwithstanding). The inside, too, takes classic inspiration, with a more conventional dashboard than seen in recent Ferraris. Dare it be said, they look fantastic from this grainy preview.

The 'Ferrari Icona' Instagram account suggests that 200 Monzas will be built, although it hasn't been confirmed yet what the split will be between the single- and two-seater cars. No doubt most if not all are spoken for already, but there will be a chance to ogle the Monza SP1 and SP2 at the Paris Motor Show next month. Expect more like this from Ferrari, too; it's said the late CEO Sergio Marchionne's plan was to boost profits through both increased production and more limited-run specials...

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  • AWG 18 Sep 2018

    This will split the crowd. I like it, would have been interesting to see a centre positioned seat.

  • suffolk009 18 Sep 2018

    I'd have a two seater, in Dino orange please.

  • Pericoloso 18 Sep 2018

    Agree with that ,interior switchgear very messy.

    Apart from that where do I sign ?

  • Snubs 18 Sep 2018

    Based on those pics i'd prefer an SLR Stirling Moss.

  • BelfastBoy 18 Sep 2018

    Let me guess - already all fully allocated to buyers? By the time the general public and motoring press becomes aware of these kinds of special editions, they're already all accounted for. While I'm glad they exist, they're gloriously pointless, and hopefully some of the owners will actually drive them.

    On a related note, Ferrari are such a powerful brand that if they announced a ride-on lawnmower as a 'limited run', they could probably sell hundreds of them for any price!

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