Pista smashes Hockenheim record | Time For Tea?

Although Ferrari Berlinetta focus has now shifted somewhat to the F8 Tributo, the phenomenal performance of the 488 Pista remains something to behold. This is a car with nearly twice the power of an F355, for example, and all manner of formidable chassis tech to make the very best of it. As would be hoped for in a car named Pista, the 488 is a sensational track car.

This video serves to highlight the Pista's prowess pretty clearly. It's another sportauto production with Nordschleife supremo Christian Gebhardt driving, this time taking on the Hockenheim GP circuit where it set a lap record in the Aventador SVJ... Apologies to those holding on for some surprise, because here it is: the Pista is faster around a lap. By more than a second. Don't forget, either, that the Lamborghini was 1.8 seconds ahead of a GT2 RS - it is some achievement.

While the Cup 2 R tyres will have contributed something to the lap time, the Lamborghini would surely have been on the Trofeo R Pirelli; even allowing for tyres of similar stickiness, the cornering speeds of the Ferrari are consistently a couple of km/hs ahead of the Lamborghini, and it might accelerate out of them even more fiercely.

It's easy to see where the tenths mount up, and the result speaks for itself - the Lambo lap was incredible, this Pista one utterly sensational. It even looks quite good fun. Watch it below, along with a 0-200mph run, and have a think - what on earth is going to beat this?


Image: Hans-Dieter Seufert, for sportauto

P.H. O'meter

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  • kars 14 Jun 2019

    All credit goes to the cup2 R, tires makes all the difference.

  • RumbleOfThunder 14 Jun 2019

    The GT2 RS is faster under the same driver, track and conditions. Of that I have no doubt.

  • WojaWabbit 14 Jun 2019

    kars said:
    All credit goes to the cup2 R, tires makes all the difference.
    Yup. Super sticky, super soft.... super for a few laps and that's about it. Andrew Frankle had this to say about them:

    Edited by WojaWabbit on Friday 14th June 16:56

    Edited by WojaWabbit on Friday 14th June 17:00

  • jayemm89 14 Jun 2019

    Look at the standard tyres on say a Ferrari 360, they look like a wet tyre! So much tread.

    It does seem like we have reached a level of madness with some of the tyres that are being supplied now. Even the super wealthy, as rightly pointed out, cannot be arsed with the faff of a tyre that performs like an old school qualifying one.

  • FurtiveFreddy 14 Jun 2019

    Michelin says:

    "When driving on track the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tyre needs to warm up, so start slowly at the
    manufacturer’s inflation pressures and build up speed over a few laps"

    That's not the same as 1 warm up lap and 3 hot laps repeated twice, but I sympathise.

    Maybe the non 'R' Cup would have been a better choice, or the Trufeo?

    Why weren't the Ferraris fitted with Pirellis anyway?

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